6.   Turner (s. of Thomas 2) m. Huldah, D. of Capt. Simeon Whitman 1787, and had Electa, Huldah, and others; he d. 1824, æ. 60.—Huldah m. Algernon Sidney Brett.—Electa m. Jared Reed, his 2d wife.

   7.   Mark (s. of Mark 3) m. Celia, D. of Job Chamberlain, 1789, and had Lucinda 1790, Nathan 1793, Nabby 1798, Wadsworth 1800, Phebe 1804, Celia 1810.—Lucinda m. Melzar Hudson 1818.—Nabby m. Jona. Pratt of Halifax 1821.—Phebe m. Benjamin H. Washburn.—Celia m. Nathaniel Porter.

   8.   William Phillips (from Easton) m. Hannah, D. of John Pryor 1718, and d. 1743; he lived in Hanson, probably, (then Bridgewater.)   His D. Lydia m. Joseph Pettingill 1746.—Mary, who m. Ezra Warren 1752, might have been his D. also.—Caleb Phillips was also at Bridgewater 1738, perhaps father of Eliphalet below.—Deborah m. Levi Wade 1766.   [See Thomas 1.]

   9.   Eliphalet Phillips m. Mary, D. of David Howard 1762, and had Eliphalet 1765, Mary 1768, Caleb 1770, Hannah 1771; he d. 1773, and the wid. m. Seth Harris.

   Hannah m. Benjamin Leonard 1715.—Cyrus B. m. Lucretia Barrett of E. 1819.—Samuel of Norton m. Lydia Bassett 1726.   Ebenezer of E. m. Jemima Packard 1802.—Diana H. m. Jo. Allen, Jr., 1814.—William m. Mara Kingman 1795.—Capt. John m. Bridget Southworth 1749.—Betty m. Wm. Brett 1801.—Rebecca of Plymo. m. Zadock Packard 1799.—Mary M. m. Jo. Blanchard 1807.—Nancy m. Philip Andrews 1820.—Ezra m. Mehitabel, D. of Joseph Allen 1809.—Lewis m. Polly Goodspeed 1795.

   PHINNEY OR FINNEY.—Pelatiah Phinney settled in S. B. and m. Mercy, D. of Josiah Washburn 1738, and had Freelove 1740, Lurania 1741, Onesiphorus 1744, Mary 1745, Zerviah 1748, Esther 1751, Keziah 1753, Bliss 1754, Hannah 1758, John 1760.—Pelatiah Phinney m. Mary Randall of E. 1764.—Freelove m. Jacob Tomson of M. 1761.—Lurania m. Benj. Packard 1775.—Zerviah m. Ebenezer Packard 1786.—Esther m. Barnabas Curtis 1774.—Keziah m. Adin Packard 1780.—Bliss m. Capt. Jesse Perkins 1789.

   2.   Joseph Phinney and his wife Mary had Amy 1745, Noah 1748, Rebecca 1751; his w. d. 1760.   Joseph Phinney m. Alice Campbell of T. 1761.—Amy m. Robert Randall of E. 1764.—Noah m. Betty, D. of Jeremiah Conant 1769.

   Ithamar Phinney m. Anna, D. of Simeon Leonard 1799.—Achsah m. James Wood 1764.—Experience Phinney m. William Slack of T. 1775.—Jonathan of M. m. Deborah Wade 1735.

   PIERCE.—Anthony Pierce and his w. Keturah lived in E. B., (perhaps now Hanson), joined Mr. Angier's Church 1741, had Susanna 1733, who m. George Bradley 1753; he m. a 2d


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