who m. Cornelius Thayer 1796), and others.—Nabby Pope m. Isaac Washburn 1807.

   PORTER.—Rev. John Porter (s. of Samuel and Mary of Abington, born 1716, and grandson of John, who m. Deliverance, d. of Nicholas Byram, 1660) gra. H. U. 1736, and settled the ministry at N. B. 15th Oct. 1740, m. Olive Johnson of Canterbury, Conn. and had one D. Olive 1749, and she and her D. both d. the same year; she æ. 23.   He then m. Mary Huntington of Lebanon, Conn. and had John 1752, Olive 1753, Huntington 1755, Jonathan 1756, Eliphalet 1758 Mary 1762, Sibil 1766; he d. Mar. 12, 1802, æ. 86.   John gra. Yale Coll. 1770, was a major in the Revolutionary war, and afterwards went to the West Indies, and there died.—Olive m. John Crafts 1790.—Huntington gra. H. U. 1777, and settled in the ministry at Rye, N. H., and is now living in Roxbury very aged.—Jonathan gra. H. U. 1777, went on board a privateer as a Surgeon and was lost.—Eliphalet, D. D., gra. H. U. 1777, and settled in the ministry at Roxbury, and d. 1833, leaving no children.—Mary m. Rev. Thomas Crafts 1786, minister at Princeton, and afterwards Mid.—Sibil d. single, at Princeton, while on a visit to her sister.

   2.   Samuel (s. of Samuel and Sarah (Joslyn) of A., b. 1727, m. Hannah Green 1758, and settled in E. B., and had Samuel 1759, Betteris 1761, Abigail 1763.   He m. wid. Ruth Reed 1764, and had Ruth 1766; he d. 1811, æ. 84.   Abigail m. Samuel Pool Jr. 1786.—Ruth m. James Reed 1784.

   3.   Joseph, born 1730, (brother of Samuel 2) m. Elizabeth Burrill 1753, and settled in St. Corner, and had Elizabeth 1753, Joseph 1755, Hannah 1758, Robert 1762, Isaac 1765, Content 1767, Mehitabel 1769, Libeus, Cyrus; he d. 1804, æ. 74.   Elizabeth m. Samuel Linfield.—Hannah m. Jona. Battles,—Content m. Wm. Glover.—Mehitabel m. Daniel Brown 1797.—Joseph m. a Capen and had no ch.—Capt. Robert m. a Gay, and had Robert, John, Joseph, Betsy, Sally, and Fanny.   Robert m. a Capen.—Isaac m. a Packard, and had Rodolphus, Samuel, Reuben, Martin, Galen, Susanna, Sybil and Anna.   Susanna m. a Thompson; Sybil m. a Noyes.—Lebbeus settled in Wrentham, Mass.—Maj. Cyrus m. a French, and had Ahirah, Cyrus, Luther, Olive, Rebecca, Mehitabel, and Eliza Ann.   Olive m. Caleb Copeland Jr.

   4.   Ebenezer (brother of the 2 preceeding, b. 1731) m. Lydia Loring of Plympton 1754, and had Sarah 1756, Lydia 1758, Molly 1760, Olive 1763, Susanna 1765.

   5.   James Porter and his wife Mary had Polly 1778, Abigail 1779 at A.   Hannah 1781 and James 1788, both at Plainfield; Sarah 1792 at A.   Hannah Porter m. Nathaniel Reynolds Jr. of Sidney, Me. 1811.

   6.   John 2d (s. of John of Abington) m. Susanna (or Susa) D. of Ephraim Groves, 1790, settled in E. B., and had Allen Marshall, who m. Betsy Beals 1816.


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