29.   Thomas (s. of Thomas 28) m. Susanna, D. of Seth Thayer, 1788, and had Edward, Asa, Arba, Silvia, Azuba, Rebecca, Henrietta, Susanna, Polly, Emily, Abigail.   Asa m. Lydia Humphry 1815.—Azuba m. Simeon Dunbar 2d of H. 1813.

   30.   Cornelius (s. of Jonathan 7) m. Martha, D. of Jonathan Leonard, and had Jonathan, Martha, Leonard, Ebenezer, Cornelius, Lucy.   Jonathan m. Deborah, D. of Ebenezer Hathaway, 1817.—Martha m. Jabez Vaughn of Md. 1817.—Leonard m. Clarissa, D. of Silvanus Leonard, 1818.—Ebenezer m. a Tomson of Halifax.—Cornelius m. Lusanna Tomson—Lucy m. Thomas Cushman.

   Phineas and Joshua Pratt came over in the 3d ship, Ann, and were among the forefathers at Plymouth, and probably ancestors of most of the name in the Old Colony; and Benaijah Pratt admitted Freeman 1654.—John Pratt was in Bridgewater 1699.   Elizabeth Pratt m. Samuel Staples 1704.—Nathaniel m. Sarah, D. of Nehemiah Allen, 1734, Hannah m. Napthali Byram 1714.   James of E. m. Martha, D. of John Willis, 1733.—A. Pratt m. Margerie, D. of Josiah Leonard.—Joseph and Enoch were soldiers 1775.—Enoch m. Salome Rickard 1784.—Sile m. Anthony Pierce 1778.—Charity of Norton m. John Davenport 1763.—Ebenezer m. Ann Dyer 1717.—Olive m. Josiah Torrey 1782.—Matilda m. Isaac Allen 1796.—Mercy m. Alpheus Orcutt 1802.—Ebenezer of Weymouth m. Waitstill Washburn 1720.—Joseph m. Elizabeth French 1738.—Huldah m. Benjamin Reed of Cummington, 1778.—Huldah m. John Carver Jr. 1795.—Molly of A. m. Wm. Hearsey 1778.—Wid. Hannah m. Sam'l Noyes 1771.—Wid. Hannah m. Ebenezer Campbell 1764.   Deborah m. Jonathan Ames 1780.—Zebedee of M. m. Dardana Keith 1763.—Lavinia m. Timothy Willis 1786.—Benjamin m. Olive Perkins 1789.—Phebe m. Nehemiah Leonard 1792.—Hannah m. Dea. Isaac Willis 1732.—Noah m. Desire, D. of Joseph Cole 1777.—Lovicy m. Job Staples Bryant 1793.—William of E. m. Amity Brett 1797.—Elijah m Sibil Dunbar 1798.—Nehemiah m. Chloe Rickard 1793.—Calvin of M. m. Clarissa Keith 1798.—Sally of M. m. Jeremiah Keith Jr. 1801.—Isaac of M. m. Naomi Keith 1804.—Jona. of H. m. Nabby Phillips 1821.—Lydia m. Charles Wilbor of E. 1813.—Zebulun K. of M. m. Susanna Keith 1814.—Judith B. m. Daniel E. Willis 1815.—Sarah d. 1778 in S. B.—Elizabeth d. in S. B. 1794, æ. 71.—Hannah m. Charles Tomson 1816.—Sarah m. Ephraim Thomas 1739.—Consider of H. m. Mary, D. of David Thayer.—Samuel of St. m. Eleanor Whitman 1764.—Molly m. Amasa Tribou 1780.

   PRICE.—Benjamin Price (from Dorchester) was a soldier under Gen. Winslow, 1755, at Nova Scotia, and settled in S. B., and m. Silence, D. of Nathaniel Hayward, 1743, and had Mary 1744, Silence 1746, Sarah 1748, Hannah 1750, Benjamin 1753,


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