RICHARDS.—Benjamin Richards (from Weymouth) settled in W. B., and m. Mehitabel, D. of Isaac Alden 1711, and had Mehitabel 1712, Joseph 1714, Daniel 1716, James 1718, Sarah 1720.   His w. d., and he m. Lydia Faxon, and had John 1723, Josiah 1724, Seth 1726, Ezra 1728, Lydia 1732, Hannah 1736.   He d. 1741; his will makes no mention of James or Seth.—James Richards m. Susanna Pratt 1740, on Abington records; both of them there said to be of Br.—Mehitabel m. David Packard, Jr., 1737.—Joseph went to St.—Sarah m. Wm. Packard 1740, Ezra was a schoolmaster.—Lydia m. Dea. Nathan Alden (his 2d wife) 1757.—Hannah m. Dr. Philip Bryant (his 2d wife) 1779.

   2.   Daniel (s. of Benjamin 1) m. Mary, D. of David Packard, 1740, and had Daniel 1741*, William 1741*, and a D. 1742*.

   3.   John (s. of Benjamin 1) m. Keziah, D. of Capt. Israel Bailey 1751, and had Sarah 1752, Keziah 1755, Benjamin 1758, Seth 1763, James 1766, Ezra 1768, Tamzin 1770, Lydia 1773, Jennet 1774; he d. 1812.—Sarah m. Joseph Thayer, Jr., of St. 1795, and afterwards Dea. Zacheus Thayer.—Keziah m. James Inglee 1787.—James and Ezra went westward.—Tamzin m. Joseph Snow, Jr., 1795.

   4.   Dea. Josiah (s. of Benjamin 1) m. Anna Robinson of Raynham 1781, and had Josiah 1783, Zeba 1786, Daniel 1788; he d. 1815, æ. 90.—Zeba m. Polly, D. of Daniel Hartwell 1817.   Daniel m. Lentha, D. of Daniel Hartwell 1812.

   5.   Benjamin (s. of John 3) m. Polly, D. of Richard Bartlett of N. Scotia 1782, and had Rhoda 1783, Bartlett 1785, Avery 1788, Polly 1792; he d. 1812, æ. 54.—Rhoda m. Samuel G. Alden 1804.—Bartlett was a shipmaster, and d. at sea.—Avery went to Duxbury.

   6.   Seth (s. of John 3) m. Mehitabel, D. of Joseph Snow, 1791, and had Betsy 1793, John 1796, Luther 1798, Ward 1801, Ruth 1803; he d. 1837.—John m. Hannah, D. of Jonathan Kingman 1820.—Ward m. Mehitabel, D. of John Brown.

   Joseph Richards and Sarah of Weymouth; his will 1695 mentions Joseph, James, Susanna, Sarah, and "all the rest of my sons and daughters," of whom probably Benjamin first above named was one.   There was a John and Sarah at Weymouth, also who had a s. Benjamin 1786.

   There was a family of Richards lived in S. B.—Nathan had Nathan, James, Hannah and Polly twins.—Hannah m. Josiah Edson 1791.—Polly m. Marcus Leonard 1793.—James m. Susanna, D. of Abner Pratt 1798.—Nathan m. Lydia Hayward 1813.—Isaac m. Esther Holbrook 1817.—Anne m. Edward Benton of Prov. 1816.—James of Newton m. Dorothy Packard 1777.   Sarah m. William Davenport 1730.—Joseph m. Mary Hamlin 1742.—Susanna m. Silas Williams 1760.—Timothy of Ded. m. Sarah, D. of Sam'l Edson 1778.—Milicent m. Silvanus Washburn 1765.—James m. Susanna Pratt 1740.


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