Thaxter 1654, and d. 1656; he was ancestor, probably of all of the name in this part of the country.—Sarah m. Jeremiah Beal at H. 1654.

   1.   William Ripley and his w. Mary settled in W. B., and had Margaret, Sarah 1696, John 1698, Martha 1700, William 1702, Samuel 1705, Jonathan 1707, Timothy 1710, Christopher 1712.   Sarah m. George Bryant.—Martha m. John Rawson.

   2.   John (s. of William 1) m. Deborah, D. of Israel Washburn, and had Mary 1730, Waitstill 1732, Deborah 1734.   He d., and the wid. m. Nathaniel Bolton 1740, and d. 1759.—Mary m. Amos Hayward 1766.—Waitstill m. Isaac Lee 1751.

   3.   Samuel (s. of William 1) m. Abigail, D. of John Bolton 1736, and had Robert 1737.—Abigail, the mother, or a D., m. Stephen Pettingill 1764.

   4.   Christopher (s. of William 1) m. Sarah, D. of Maj. Edward Howard 1737, and had Solomon 1737, Jane 1743, Bethiah 1745.—Bethiah m. Jabez Bolton 1765.

   5.   Solomon (s. of Christopher 4) m. Miriam Briggs 1758, and had Christopher 1758, Elizabeth 1761, Daniel 1764, Marlbray 1767, Nathaniel 1771, and Deborah; he d. 1809.—Marlbray m. Ruth Whiting 1787.—Deborah m. Cyrus Hayward 1804.

   6.   Capt. Daniel (s. of Solomon 5) m. Martha, D. of David Harvey 1783, and had Mary 1783, Martha 1787, Daniel 1791, Susanna 1792; d. 1822; Orra 1795, David H. 1798, Deborah 1801; he d. 1819.—Orra m. Alson Field 1820.

   Polly m. Sihon Morse of St. 1804.—Sally of Plympton m. Nathan Hartwell 1789.—Hannah of E. m. Sam'l Edson 3d, 1797.—Elizabeth m. Jacob Keith 1801.—Lydia of Plympton m. Zephaniah Lathrop, Jr., 1812.

   ROBBINS.—Nicholas Robbins was one of the original Proprietors of B., but never resided here; was at Duxbury 1640, and d. there a. 1650.   He had John, Catherine, Mary, and Hannah; he gave John half his land at the New Plantation, and the other half to his daughters.

   2.   John settled here, and had Jeduthun 1667; he in some way became helpless, for Goodman Turner (George) was ordered to maintain his brother John Robbins 1668.

   3.   Jeduthan sold his house and land to Sam'l Kinsley a. 1700, "butting on the S. side Town River adjoining the S. E. side of Thos. Washburn's where his house stands."   Robbins had then removed to Plympton, and d. there a. 1726, and had Jeduthun, John, Lemuel, Persis w. of Jona. Wood, Hannah w. of Barnabas Wood, Elizabeth, Abigail, Mehitabel.

   4.   Benjamin Robbins and his wife Susanna, D. of Daniel Keith, lived in Titicut, S. B., and had a family, but removed to M., and had Benjamin and Susanna 1789, Abigail 1791.—Ben-


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