jamin m. Patience Morton 1814.—Susanna m. Oliver Keith 1809.—Abigail m. Salmon Keith, Jr., 1814.

   Betsy of Watertown m. Alfred Whitman 1809.—Moses of Mid. m. Patience Hooper 1777.—Polly, sister of Betsy, d. here 1791, æ. 17.

   ROBINSON.—Gain Robinson (from Ireland) landed at Plymouth, lived at Braintree, Pembroke, and finally in E. B., had recommendations from churches in Ireland, Braintree and Pembroke; his w. was Margaret Watson, by whom he had Alexander, Joseph, Gain 1724, Increase 1727, Betty, 1728, James 1730, John 1732, Margaret 1733, Mary 1735, Martha 1740, Jane 1742, Robert 1746; he also had by a former w. a s. Archibald, and a D. Susanna, who m. Christopher Erskins, an Irishman also, who settled in A; he d. in 1763, æ. 81; she his 2d wife, 1777, æ. 77.   His 9 youngest children only were born here, or after the incorporation of the parish.—Alexander m. Hannah White of A. 1745, and had a D. Abigail 1746, and went to Nova Scotia.—Increase m. Rachel Bates of Hingham 1755, and d. in the French war, a Serjeant, under Gen. Winslow at Nova Scotia, between 1755 and 1757; had no children.—Mary m. Richard Bartlett 1757.—Martha m. Archibald Thompson 1761.—John m. a Studley, and settled in Kingston, and had a family; his D. Martha m. Eliphalet Bailey 1782.

   2.   Joseph (s. of Gain 1) m. Abigail, D. of Joseph Keith, 1746, and had Joseph 1747, Benjamin 1748, Edward 1750, Susanna 1753, Abigail 1755.   His w. d., and he m. Hannah, D. of Isaac Snow 1759, and had Isaac 1760*, Hannah 1763*, Snow 1765*.   His estate was settled by his wid. and his brother James 1766.—Joseph d. æ. about 20.—Edward d. 1818, æ. 67, a bachelor.—Susanna m. William Vinton 1774.—Abigail m. Silvanus Lazell 1775.—Isaac lost at sea.—Hannah d. single 1802, æ. 39, burnt in a fit.—Snow d. at West Point in the army 1783, æ. 19.

   3.   Gain (s. of Gain 1) m. a Dyer, and had Gain, William, Increase, John, Dyer 1765, Joseph, Ansel, Sally, and Zibeah who m. Daniel Packard and went to Pelham; he d. 1778 of small-pox, æ. 54.—Gain m. a Gardner, lived in Hanson or Abington, and had a family.—Sally m. Solomon Johnson 1788.—John m. Molly, D. of Thomas Packard 1781, and had John, Mary, Daniel, Abiel, Sarah, Zibeah.—John, Mary, and Daniel went to Portland.—Abiel and Sarah went to Cambridgeport.—Sarah m. Samuel Pond.—Zibeah not m.—Daniel afterwards went to Bangor.

   4.   James (s. of Gain 1) m. Jerusha, D. of Ebenezer Bartlett of Duxbury, and had James and Bartlett, twins, Watson, Abner, Gain, Clark, Jerusha Bartlett 1753, Margaret 1754, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Esther, Eleanor, Bethiah, and Martha.—James and Bartlett d. in the revolutionary war.—Watson moved to the


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