[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Shaw family]

Mark Packard 1774.—William m. Deliverance, D. of Ezekiel Washburn, 1778.—William Jr., m. Pamela Rugg of D. 1791.—Dan m. a Perkins of M. and went to Lyme, N. H.—Rhoda m. Benja. Kingman 1783, and went to Winchester.—Napthali gra. Dart. C. 1790, and m. Polly, D. of Dr. John S. Crafts and settled in the ministry at Kensington, N. H.—Betsy m. Isaac Horton 1804.—Patience m. Nath'l Southworth 1793.—Abigail m. Ziba Wood.

   10.   Micah (s. of William 9 ) m. Jane (Jenny), D. of Matthew Kingman 1793, and had Caroline 1794, Newton 1795, Zibeon 1797, Addison, Marcus, Mary Cary, Hannah, Rhoda.   Newton m. Olive, D. of Capt. Robert Packard, 1818.— Mary Cary m. Abiel Kingman 1819.

   11.   James and his w. Margaret Mora m. 1752, had David 1757, James 1760.   He afterwards had a D. Eunice bap. in E. B. 1777, and brought a certificate from Milton Church; and had Margaret 1779.

   12.   John and his w. Silence lived in E. B., and had Hannah, Philip 1771, John 1773; Philip and Hannah bap. in E. B. 1773.

   13.   Azel Shaw m. a D. of Solomon Alden, and lived in S. B., and had Alexander, Soranus, Charles, Azel, and others.

   Gideon of Raynham m. Abigail Fobes 1767.—Hannah m. John Haines 1709.—John of Raynham m. Dinah Leach 1761.—Ebenezer, Jr., of Mid'o. m. Deborah Keith 1764.—Martha of Mid'o. m. David Hooper 1768.—Mary of Raynham m. Ezra Fobes 1776.—Solomon m. Anna Hayward 1782.—Nathan m. Rosamond Leonard 1782.—Chloe of Mid'o. m. Ziba Leonard 1782.—Hannah of Ab. m. Eliab Packard, Jr., 1792.—Betsy of Mid'o. m. Bezer Leach 1793.—Silas of Ab. m. Lucy White 1794.   Ruth m. Jacob Washburn 1797.—William m. Molly Crossman 1797.—Sullivan of Mid'o. m. Cynthia Keith 1797.—Experience m. Luther Jennison of Conn. 1801.—Alexander m. Sally White of Mid'o. 1801.—Hannah of Ab. m. Eliphalet Leach 1806.—Rev. John of Ab. m. Susanna Cary 1807.—Charles m. Lucy Tomson of Mid'o. 1810.—Charles m. Lucy Thomas of Mid'o. 1811.—Sarah of Mid'o. m. Azor Harris, Esq., 1813.—Elizabeth m. Ephraim Harlow of Mid'o. 1815.—Ebenezer of Mid'o. m. Mary Dickerman 1816.—Zephaniah m. Lucy, D. of Zenas Crooker.—Soranus m. Elizabeth M. Alden 1816.—Susan m. Cyrus Snell 1818.—Hannah m. Lyman Hooper 1820.—Harriet m. Ford Bearce 1820.—Mary m. Benjamin Aldrich 1721.—Abigail m. Daniel Copeland 1791.

   SHELLY.—Abner Shelly m. Melinda, D. of Azor Howe, 1812, and had Mary Hartwell 1813, Ruth Cheesman 1815, Daniel Hartwell 1817.

   SHERMAN.—Anthony Sherman (his father was John and his mother was a D. or g. D. of Anthony Eames of Marshfield)


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