SKINNER.—Jno. Skinner from Boston m. Rebecca M'Clench 1797, and had John 1799, at W. B.; he returned again to Boston.

   SMITH.—Pelatiah Smith lived in W. B., and m. Jane, wid. of James Dunbar, and D. of Isaac Harris, and had Jane 1692, Pelatiah 1695, James 1697, Samuel 1699, Desire 1701, Joanna 1703, Ruhamah 1705, Robert 1708, Joseph 1710.   He purchased John Bolton's house and land butting on the Town River, and bounded westerly by Joseph Hayward and Nath'l Brett 1701.—The family early removed from town.

   2.   John Smith (s. of John Smith of Randolph) settled in E. B., and m. Mary, D. of John Hanmer 1749, and had Elizabeth 1750, William 1753, John 1755, Mary 1757, Daniel 1761, Sarah 1763, Dorcas 1765, Hosea 1768.—This family removed from town.—Mary d. 1778, æ. 20.—John the father d. 1790, æ. 69; he was with Gen'l Winslow in dispersing the Neutral French 1755, at Nova Scotia.

   3.   John m. Susanna Hill 1777, and had Paul, and d. and she m. John Dyer 1778.—John Smith m. Ruth Cornish 1779; John Smith's w. d. 1779, and Joseph Cornish 7 days after, æ 77.

   John Smith (s. of John of E. B., and g. s. of John of Randolph) m. Hannah, D. of David Edson 1805, and lived in N. B., and had Albert, Harrison, Salome, and Rachel.

   4.   Elijah Smith m. Betty, only child of Abner Harris, and lived in E. B., and had Betty 1758, Celia 1760, Abner.   He removed from town.   Betty d. unmarried.

   5.   Joseph Smith and his wife Thankful came from the Cape, and settled in E. B., and had Henry Thornbury, Mary, Rhoda, Joseph (all bap. 1779), Priscilla 1779, John 1781, Rachel 1785; she d. 1823, æ. 74; he d. 1831, æ. 84.—Mary m. John Crooker perhaps 1798.—Rhoda m. John Tirrell, Jr., 1794.—Priscilla not m.—Joseph m. Eunice Maxam 1799; she d. 1802, æ. 27.

   6.   Henry Thornbury (s. of Joseph 5) m. Priscilla, D. of Knight Brown 1792, and had Libeus and others, and went into Maine and preached.—Libeus m. Salome, D. of Azor How 1814, and Polly, D. of Christopher Bates 1817.—His D. Priscilla perhaps m. Robert Sever 1818.

   7.   Rev. Amasa Smith m. Mary Haskell of Westborough 1815, and had Mary Haskell 1816.

   8.   William Smith came from Duxbury to E. B. 1832, m. a Tilden, and had William Webster 1832, Andrew Jackson, and others.

   John Smith m. Jael, D. of Samuel Packard.—Solomon of E. m. Elizabeth, D. of Joseph Cole 1761.—Elizabeth m. Josiah Whitman 1747.—Margaret of Milton m. Robert Tomson 1754.   Samuel m. Abigail, D. of Ebenezer Allen.—Martha m. John Gilmore 1764.—Anna of Lexington m. Simeon Leonard 1764.—


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