Wade 1791.—Sarah m. Daniel Tomson 1794.—Hannah m. Heman Linnel 1797.—Ruth of Eastham m. Levi Packard 1789.—Hannah m. Jonathan Bolton 1794.—James m. Freelove Monk of St. 1794.—Zilpha m. David Bolton 1794.—Eunice m. Alfred Edson 1796.   Mehitabel of Easton m. Asa Bryant 1810.—Betsy m. Asa Bryant 1811.—Elijah Snow of E. B. m. Sarah Shaw 1780.

   SOPER.—Samuel Soper m. Esther Littlefield 1731, and lived in W. B., and had Edmund 1731, Hannah 1733, Asa 1734, Sam'l 1736, Esther 1738, Oliver 1740, Amasa 1742, Salter 1744, Sarah 1745, James 1747, Silence 1750.   Esther, mother or D., m. Seth Briggs of Berkley a. 1754.—Hannah m. Daniel Pettingill 1750.

   2.   Edmund (s. of Samuel 1) m. Bethiah (or Betty), D. of Ephraim Fobes, 1754, and had Betty 1755.   His w. d., and he m. Eunice, D. of Capt. Theophilus Curtis of St. 1756, and had Mehitabel 1757, Edmund 1759, Eunice 1761.

   3.   Amasa (s. of Samuel 1) m. Ruth Dwelly 1763, and had Huldah 1764, Olive 1766, Amasa 1768, Martin 1772.

   Capt. Nathaniel Soper of Hanson (s. of Alexander) m. Betty Price 1779.—Mary Soper m. Daniel Hartwell Jr. 1821.

   SOREIN.—John Sorein and his w. Mary had John in E. B. 1735, and went to Boston.

   SOULE—Dea. John Soule m. Sarah, D. of Thomas Leach, and settled in E. B., and had William Norman 1808, and Elizabeth 1809.

   Ebenezer Soule of Plympton m. Silence, D. of William Hudson1764.—Asaph of Plymp. m. Marah, D. of William Hudson, 1767.—A. D. of Ebenezer Whitman of S. B. m. a Soule—Wm. Soule m. Rachel Dillingham 1791.—Rebecca m. Sampson Washburn 1805.—Nathan Soule, brother of Rebecca, m. Charity, D. of Uriah Brett, 1815.—Wid. Joanna, mother of Nathan and Rebecca, m. Nathan Alden Esq. 1818.

   SOUTHWORTH.—Widow Alice Southworth arrived at Plymouth 1623, in the third ship, called the Ann, and soon after was married to Gov. William Bradford; she had two ss. by her first husband, to wit: Constant and Thomas Southworth, who came with her or soon afterwards, and were quite young; Thomas not more than six years old.   They both became distinguished men in the colony; Constant settled in Duxbury, and was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and d. 1678, leaving three sons, Edward, Nathaniel, and William; and three married Ds. viz: Mercy, w. of Samuel Freeman, Alice, w. of the famous Cap. Benjamin Church, distinguished in Philip's war, and Mary, wife of David Alden, and two unmarried Ds., Elizabeth and Priscilla.—Thomas left an only child Elizabeth, who m. Joseph Howland.—Elizabeth, D. of Constant, afterwards m. William Fobes.—Nathaniel "had land towards Taunton, called

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