SPRAGUE.—Francis Sprague was one of the forefathers, and arrived at Plymouth 1623 in the ship Ann; he settled in Duxbury, and was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, but did not, nor did any of his family, come to reside here; he had John, Anna, Mary and Mercy.   John m. Ruth Bassett 1655, and had John, William, Samuel, Eliza, Ruth, Desire, and Dorcas.   Mercy m. William Tubbs 1637.   William d. at Dux. 1712, leaving a wid. Grace, and ss. Jethro and Terah, and Ds. Ruth and Zerviah.   Samuel went to Rochester and d. there 1723, leaving a w. Elizabeth, and a s. Ephraim, and perhaps others.   The Spragues of Fairhaven, and the South Shore generally, descended probably from Francis.   There was no known connection between him and the following families.

   Ralph, Richard, and William Sprague, were among the first comers and settlers in Massachusetts Colony in 1628.   They were brothers, and settled at Charlestown, from whence William, the youngest, removed to Hingham.   Hosea Sprague of Hingham, one of the descendants of William, has lately presented the public with such a full and particular genealogy of the Sprague family, that it is necessary here only to give some account of William, from whom the Spragues in this town are descended.

   William Sprague of Hingham m. Millesaint, D. of Anthony Eames, and had Anthony 1635, John 1638, Samuel 1640, Elizabeth 1641, Persis 1643, Joanna 1644, Jonathan 1648, William 1650, Mary 1652, Hannah 1655; he d. 1675.   Anthony remained at Hingham, and d. 1719.—John went to Mendon, and d. 1690.—Samuel went to Marshfield, and d. 1709; was secretary of the Colony, and great-grandfather of the Hon. Seth Sprague sen'r of Duxbury.—Jonathan d. at Hingham, and left no posterity.—William m. Deborah Lane 1674, and went to Providence.—Peris m. John Dogget.—Joanna m. Caleb Church.—Mary m. Thos. King.—William of Providence had William, Joanna, Deborah, Jonathan, Abiah, John, Benjamin.

   1.   Jonathan (s. of William of Providence) m. Lydia Leavit of Hingham, and settled in S. B., and had Lydia 1715, Hannah 1717, Jonathan 1720, Mary 1723, Sarah 1725*, John 1727, Content 1729, Betty 1731, Benjamin 1736; his will 1748.   Lydia m. Solomon Perkins 1733.—Hannah m. Solomon Bates.—Jonathan went to Stafford, Conn.—Mary m. Nathan Edson 1738.—Content m. a Howard of Dartmouth.—Betty m. Seth Snow a. 1749.

   2.   John (s. of Jonathan 1) m. Susanna Cobb 1746, and had John 1746, and went to Block Island.

   3.   Benjamin (s. of Jonathan 1) m. Eunice, D. of Ephraim Holmes, 1762, and had Ephraim 1763, Benjamin, Lydia 1777.   He d. 1778, of the small pox, æ. 42, and she m. Solomon Ames


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