1781, and became a wid. again, and d. 1833, æ. 92.   Lydia m. Capt. Asa Pratt 1799.

   4.   Capt. Ephraim (s. of Benjamin 3) m. Vina, D. of Ezra Edson, 1783, and had Holmes 1783, Ephraim 1787, Eunice 1790, Vina 1799, and d. 1818; Chloe 1804, Mira 1806.   Ephraim m. Jane, D. of Joseph Ames, 1813, and went to Bristol, R. I.—Eunice m. Calvin Washburn 1809—Mira m. John Washburn, and afterwards the Hon. John A. Shaw.

   5.   Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 3) m. Priscilla Churchill 1786, and had Benjamin 1790, Friend 1792*, Lydia 1799, George 1801, Lydia m. Barna Leonard Jr. 1815.—George went to N. York, and thence to Florida.

   6.   Capt. Holmes (s. of Capt. Ephraim 4) m. Betsy, D. of Daniel Copeland, 1808, and had Ephraim Holmes 1809, Betsy Copeland 1812, Edgar 1815, Caleb Cary 1819.—Ephraim H. m. Lois, D. of Nath'l Washburn.

   7.   Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 5) m. Lucy, D. of Joseph Ames, 1818, and had Benjamin and Fisher Ames.—John of Abington m. Rebecca, D. of John Alden of E. B. 1767.

   STANDISH.—Capt. Miles Standish (one of the forefathers), the renowned soldier, and shield and defence of the pilgrims, came over in the first ship, the May Flower, in 1620; he lived in Plymouth till 1630, when he removed to Duxbury, and d. there 1656, æ. 72; he was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, and a principal member of the committee who purchased the plantation of Massasoit (or Ousamequin), the Indian Sachem, in 1649; his w. Rose d. the next spring after their arrival, in 1621, and he m. a 2d w. Barbara, who survived him; his children were Alexander, Miles, Josiah, Charles, Lora, and John.   Lora d. before him.   He lived and died at the foot of the hill named after him "Captain's Hill."

   2.   Alexander (s. of Capt. Miles 1) was made a freeman 1648, and lived on the paternal estate, at Captain's Hill, in Duxbury; he m. first Sarah, D. of the Hon. John Alden, and had Miles, Ebenezer, Lorah, Lydia, Mercy, Sarah, and Elizabeth; his wife d. and he then m. Desire, wid. of Israel Holmes, (formerly wid. of William Sherman, her maiden name Doten), and had Thomas, Ichabod, and Desire born in Marshfield 1689; he d. in Duxbury 1702; she in Marshfield 1723.   She named her children thus: William Sherman, John Holmes, Israel Holmes, Hannah Ring, Experience [wife of Miles] Standish, Desire Weston, and g. D. Desire Wermall.—Lorah m. Abraham Sampson.—Lydia m. Isaac Sampson.—Mercy m. Caleb Sampson.—Sarah m. Benjamin Soule, and Elizabeth m. Samuel Delano.—There was a David Standish killed in Duxbury by the fall of a tree in 1689; perhaps a s. of Alexander.


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