Ds.; one m. a Blanchard, and the other m. a White.   Solomon m. Sarah Hobart 1789.—Cornelius m. Thankful, D. of Joseph Pope, 1796.—Ebenezer went to Boston.—Hannah m. Freeman Pope 1795.—Susannah m. Benjamin Clark.—Sarah m. Major Nathaniel Tomson of H. 1785.—Mary m. Consider Pratt of Halifax.

   Naomi m. Ezekiel Washburn Jr. 1781.—Henry (s. of Richard of Braintree) m. Philibert, D. of Jacob Packard, 1783, and went to Winchester.—Susanna m. Thomas Pratt 1788.—Alexander of Braintree m. Lucy, D. of Ebenezer Edson, 1788.—Deborah of Braintree m. Zenas Packard 1793.—Joseph of Stoughton m. Sarah, D. of John Richards, 1795.—Anna of Braintree m. Dea. Eliphalet Packard 1800.—Sally m. Alpheus Howard 1802.—Elijah m. Elizabeth Slack 1804.—Thomas of Randolph m. Cythnia, D. of Ebenezer Warren, 1805.—Barnabas of Braintree m. Susanna, D. of Capt. Parmenas Packard, 1806.—Silence m. Thomas Cole 1810.—Deborah of Randolph m. Ebenezer Waren Jr. 1811.—John m. Lydia Brown 1811.—Eunice m. Isaac Brown 1813.—Rachel m. Barnabas Lathrop 1813.—Sally m. Francis Tribou 1816.

   THOMAS.—James Thomas of Marshfield m. Priscilla, D. of Anthony Winslow, and had James, Winslow, Priscilla, and Debborah Winslow; he died, and Mr. Winslow, the father-in-law, came and settled in E. B., a. 1770, and brought his D. and these gr. ch. with him.   Priscilla m. Samuel Faxon 1783.—Deborah W. m. Noah Hobart 1789, and died 1834 at Foxborough.—Priscilla the wid. d. 1807, æ. 70.

   1.   James gra. H. U. 1778, followed none of the learned professions, was an agriculturalist and schoolmaster; he also was Representative of the town, and a Magistrate; he m. late in life Mary Holbrook 1810, but had no children; she d. 1836, æ. 81; he d. 1828, æ. 72.   She was gr. D. of Elisha Pierce of Scit. who m. Sarah, D. of Capt. Josiah Edson.   Pierce's D. Sarah first m. a Holbrook, father of Mary above, and then a Parks who d. in E. B. 1826, æ. 93.

   2.   Winslow m. Polly Cole 1790, and had Nathan, d. 1810, æ. 18; and Mary Winslow who m. Dea. William Harris Jr. 1819; he d. 1828, æ. 71.

   Levi Thomas of Pem. and Lydia Thomas were m. 1800.—Mary of Pem. m. Jacob Perkins 1808.—Lucy of Marshfield m. Nathaniel Pratt.—Lenity m. Nathan Kingman 1770, and afterwards Edward Hayford 1779.—Betty (sister of Lenity, both from Marshfield) m. Japhet Allen 1761.

   THOMPSON.—Archibald Thompson with his wife and son Robert, from Ireland, came to America 1724, lived awhile in Abington, then in S. B., where he d. 1776, æ. 85; he made the


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