2.   John (s. of George 1) and his wife Hannah had John 1686, William 1687, Hannah 1689; he and she both d. 1728.

   3.   John (s. of John 2) m. Mary Bicknell of Weymouth 1717, and had John 1719, George 1722, one 1725*, Sarah 1727; they both d. 1753.

   4.   William (s. of John 2) m. Eleanor, D. of Abiah Whitman of Weymouth 1714; she was born 1688; they had Mary 1715, Eleanor 1717, Hannah 1719, Margaret and Elizabeth 1722, Joanna 1725, George 1728; he d. 1747.—Eleanor m. Jacob Macomber 1740.—Hannah m. James Lindsay 1744.—Margaret m. Joseph Crossman of Easton 1756.—Elizabeth m. Thomas Lindsay 1745.—Joanna m. David Manly 1752.   The following places are mentioned as being near John and William Turner's houses.   "Cooper's Meadow, Cooper's Dam, the Neck, John's house near N. Purchase Line, easterly by Joshua Howard's; Stone House Plain, Elisha Dunbar's house 1738."

   5.   John (s. of John 3) and his wife Elizabeth had Bathsheba 1747, Lemuel 1749.

   6.   George (s. of William 4, probably) and his w. Desire had Josiah 1754, Mary 1755.   His w. d. and he m. a 2d w. Jane, and had William 1760, Desire 1761, George 1763*, Isaiah 1764*, Jenny 1766, George and Isaiah 1769, Alpheus 1779.— Mary m. Daniel Lathrop (his 3d w.) 1785.—Desire (or Keziah) m. Oliver Harvey 1793.—William m. Joanna, D. of Joseph Pettingill 1781.

   7.   Samuel (from Mid’o.) m. Lydia, D. of Ezra Hayward 1794, and had Betsy 1795, Joseph 1797, Cyrus 1800; he d. 1821.

   Content m. Ebenezer Kingman 1740.—Ann m. Capt. Joseph Keith 1746.—Elizabeth m. Thomas Reynolds 1748.—Mary m. Job Bryant 1764.—Jane m. Daniel Alden, Jr., 1747.—Eunice m. Asa Leach of Killingsley 1787.—Rachel m. William Whiting of Stoughton 1811.—Job of Pembroke m. Nabby, wid. of Nath'l Clift and D. of Josiah Byram 1818.—David, Minister of Rehoboth, s. of Thomas and g. g. s. of Humphrey of Scituate, m. Sarah, D. of John Howard 1721.—David Turner died in E. B. 1774, æ. 33, had Lucy 1772.—Grace m. Abner Hayward 1784.   Jane Turner of Weymouth m. Samuel Allen 1728.

   Job Turner (b. at Scituate) enlisted from Bridgewater into the French war under Gen. Winslow in 1755, at the dispersing of the neutral French at Nova Scotia.   Mitchel (or Michael) Turner was also in the same expedition, and from Bridgewater.

   VAILS.—Edward Vails m. Mary Orberton 1769, and had Edward 1774.

   VAUGHN.—Jabez Vaughn of Mid'o. m. Martha Pratt 1817, and had Cornelius Pratt 1822.—George Vaughn m. Faithful, D. of Nathaniel Packard 1719.—Mary, D. of George Vaughn of Mid'o. m. Jonathan Washburn a. 1683.


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