VICKERY.—Benjamin Vickery lived in E. B., m. Mary, D. of Josiah Allen 1737, and Mary, D. of Samuel Kingman 1739, and had Mary 1740, Elizabeth 1743, Eliab 1745, Benjamin 1749, Olive 1753, Huldah 1759.   This family removed early from B.

   VINTON.—William Vinton (from Braintree, s. of Thomas) settled in E. B., m. Susanna, D. of Joseph Robinson 1774, and had William, Joseph 1777*, Edward, and Abigail; he d. 1796, æ. 47; she 1821, æ. 69.—Abigail m. Ezra Alden 1798.

   2.   Capt. William (s. of William 1) m. Mary, D. of Nathan Alden, Esq., 1797, and had Mary Alden.   His w. d. 1799, æ. 23, and he m. Abigail, D. of Dr. Josiah Otis 1803, and had Clarissa, Nabby d. 1806; Susanna, Elizabeth.   His w. d. 1816, æ. 34, and he m. Clarissa Otis, sister of his last w., 1817, and had William, Josiah, Alice, and Joseph.—Mary A. m. Ebenezer W. Tolman 1820.—Clarissa m. Bailey Allen.—Susanna d. single.—Elizabeth m. James S. Dagget, and lives in Calais, Vermont.

   3.   Edward (s. of William 1) m. Lydia, D. of Ebenezer Porter of Abington 1820, and had Lydia Loring, Lucia, Abigail, Edward Porter, Caroline Augusta, Susan.—Lydia L. m. a Trask, and lives in Quincy.

   WADE.—Thomas Wade (s. of Nicholas of Scituate) m. Elizabeth, D. of Thomas Curtis 1672, and had Jacob 1673, Joseph 1675, Sarah 1678, Thomas 1680, Hannah 1682, Ichahod 1685, Moses 1689, Deborah 1691, Rachel 1692.   He settled in B. a. 1680; his youngest children were b. here; his will dated 1726.   He purchased a farm of Sam'l Staples, near Nippenicket Pond, 1693.—Jacob and Joseph remained, probably, at Scituate.—Sarah had a son whom she called Cornelius Briggs, alias Wade, who m. and moved to Me.—Hannah m. Edward Lathrop a. 1721.   Deborah m. Jona. Phinney of Mid'o. 1735.—Rachel m. Israel Alger 1731 (his 3d w.).

   2.   Thomas (s. of Thomas 1) lived in W. B., m. Rebecca, D. of Joseph Snow 1722, and had Hopestill 1725, Mary 1727, Keziah 1729, David 1732, Rebecca 1734.—Hopestill m. Zephaniah Alden 1748.—Keziah m. Job Packard 1751.—Rebecca m. Elisha Dunbar 1757.—Thomas Wade m. Elizabeth Hanmer 1743, and Abigail Ames 1752, she d. a wid. 1779, æ. 84.

   3.   Ichabod (s. of Thomas 1); we find his will 1747, in which he mentions his ss. Ichahod, Amos, Ebenezer, and Ds. Malison, Abial, Molly.

   4.   Moses (s. of Thomas 1) lived in W. B., m. Abthiah Stetson 1738.   We find no further notice of him but the following:   "Oct. 19, 1640, baptized Moses Wade on a sick bed at home, many present."   "Wid. Abthiah Wade admitted to the Church Jan. 10, 1742."—[Rev. Mr. Perkins's Ch. Rec.]—We conclude they had no children.   She probably m. Jonathan Chandler 1745, and d. 1792, æ. 85.


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