Ruth m. Adam Kingman 1760.—Zilphah m. Uriah Rickard 1761.   Perez of Raynham m. Deborah Leach 1787.—Sarah of Marshfield m. Ensign Nathan Willis, his 2d wife, 1792.—Nancy m. Geo. W. Blanchard.

   WHITING.—Marlborough Whiting (from Pembroke) settled in E. B., and m. wid. Abigail French, D. of Joshua Howard of Braintree, 1796, and had Martin 1797, Sumner 1799, John Adams 1800, Ephraim Howard 1805, d. 1826; he d. 1830, æ. 75.

   Joseph m. Abigail, D. of Isaac Alden, 1778.—William m. Sarah Ramsdell 1748.—Ruth m. Marlbray Ripley 1787.—Sally of Attleboro' m. Daniel Lathrop 1787.—Polly m. Benja. Pincin Jr. 1798.—Isaac m. Polly Jones 1804.—Sam'l m. Abigail Willis 1805.—Margaret m. William Pincin Jr. 1807.—Ruth m. Levi Beal of Hingham 1810.—Polly or Patty m. John Stock Jr. 1809.   Amos m. Polly Howard 1810.—William of Stoughton m. Rachel Turner 1811.—Mercy of Plympton m. Elisha Hayward 1760.

   This name in the early records is often written Whiton and Whitten.—James Whiton (so written) was at Hingham 1647, and was probably the ancestor of Marlboro', first above mentioned, and of all the others perhaps.

   WHITMAN.—John Whitman was one of the first settlers at Weymouth; made free 1638; a very respectable man; was the first Deacon; the first military officer (an ensign) appointed in that town; one of the three persons appointed by the Governor "to end small controversies" there; he died there 1692, æ. a. 90.   He was ancestor of most of the name in this country.   His wife was probably Mary, her family name not known; his children mentioned in his will 1685, proved 1692, then living, were 4 ss., Thomas, John, Abiah, Zechariah, and 5 Ds., all m. viz: Sarah Jones, Mary, w. of John Pratt; Elizabeth, w. of Josiah Green; Hannah, w. of Stephen French; and Judith King.   Judge Whitman of Portland has given a very full and interesting memoir of the ancestor and his descendants, published at Portland 1832; but as it is within the scope and purpose of this publication to give some account of all the early settlers of this town, we shall notice those branches that became inhabitants here, referring all who are solicitous to know more of this numerous and respectable family to the Judge's Memoir.

   1.   Thomas (the eldest s. and only one of the children of John Whitman of Weymouth who came to Bridgewater) was born in Eng. a. 1629, came to this country with his mother, (after his father) a. 1641, and m. Abigail, D. of Nicholas Byram, 1656, and came with his father-in-law Byram, or soon thereafter, and settled in E. B. a. 1662; he had John (at Wey.) 1658, Ebenezer, Nicholas, Susanna, Mary, Naomi, Hannah; his will 1711, proved 1712; he died æ. a. 83.   Susanna m. Benjamin Willis.—Mary


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