47.   Terah (bro. of John preceding) m. Anne, D. of Samuel Willis, 1746, and settled in W. B., and had Silence 1752*, Anna 1754.   Anna m. Thompson Baxter 1797, and d. a wid. 1831.

   Zechariah (s. of Abiah of Weymouth) lived awhile in W. B., with his brother-in-law, William Turner, and while there was warned out of town 1734.—Eleanor Whitman (of the Easton family probably) m. Samuel Pratt of Stoughton 1764.—Abigail m. Nehemiah Cobb of Mid'o. 1773.—Sarah m. Rufus Weston of Mid'o. 1777.   Francis and Mary Whitman of Boston had William 1667*, and another William 1668.—Ezra Whitman m. Bathsheba Richards 1693, and Ebenezer m. Deborah Richards 1705.   [Wey. Records.]—Samuel m. Anna Rean 1766, and Davis Whitman m. Mary Taverner 1770.   [Boston records.]

   WHITMARSH.—Jacob Whitmarsh of Abington m. Hannah, D. probably of Benjamin Shaw 1751, settled in E. B., and had Thankful 1752, Olive 1755, Sarah 1757, Jacob 1759, Huldah 1762, Asa 1764, Mary 1767, Zerviah 1769.   Jacob m. Ann Pool 1781.—Zerviah m. Jacob Pool Jr. 1787.—Thankful m. Seth Reed 1773.—Mary m. Reed Erskine 1781.—Huldah m. George Erskine 1781.—Wid. Whitmarsh d. 1808.

   2.   Asa (s. of Jacob above) and his wife Sarah had Asa 1793, Oliver Gurney 1796.   He d., and she m. Hiram Keith of Winchester 1816.

   3.   Lot (s. of Ebenezer and nephew of Jacob 1) m. Susanna Pool and had Lot 1796, Mary 1798, John 1801, Susanna, Olive 1804, Thomas, Ezra 1808, and Ebenezer who d. 1810.   Lot m. Merrill Corthrell 1820.—Thomas m. Charlotte, D. of Simeon Gannett, 1811, and had Simeon Gannett 1812; he m. Diana, wid. of Joseph Allen Jr., a 2d wife.—Susanna m. Micah Packard 1812.

   Judith of Weymouth m. Joseph Shaw a. 1690.—Jacob of Abington m. Betty Crooker 1817.—Mary B. m. Chandler Ripley 1818.—Eunice m. Nathan Orcutt Jr. 1780.—Mercy m. Andrew Ford 1706.—Richard m. Lydia Ford 1712.—Mary m. Stephen Reed 1714.—Mehitabel m. Noah Ramsdell 1790.—Bathsheba m. Ebenezer Bisbee 1745.—Zechariah Whitmarsh m. Hannah Washburn 1730.—Mary Byram Whitmarsh m. Chandler Bisbee 1818.—Ebenezer Whitmarsh d. in E. B. 1810, æ. 23.

   WILBOR.—Lemuel Wilbor and his wife Sarah had Chloe (in Raynham) 1758, Asa 1760, Holden 1762, Tryphena 1764, (2d w. Sarah) Jeremiah 1772, Lemuel 1775, Caleb 1777, Sarah 1779, Amos 1801.   Asa m. Silvia Jackson 1783.—Tryphena m. Jabez Hall 1791.—Amos m. Fidelia Woodward of Taunton 1799.   Asa Wilbor was a soldier at Roxbury 1776.

   2.   George and his wife Lydia had George (in Raynham) 1757 Isaac (in Raynham) 1759, Gideon 1763, Seabury 1771, Bethana


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