liam [William], Jonathan, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Lydia, Esther, and Sarah.   Hannah m. Benjamin Rider.—Mary m. John Carver 1689.—Elizabeth m. Isaac Lothrop 1698.—Lydia m. Abiel Shurtleff 1695.   Esther m. Elkanah Cushman.—Sarah m. Benj. Bartlett 1702.—John m. Mary, D. of Joseph Bartlett, and had a family; one D., Lydia, m. Lemuel Barnes.—Jonathan m. Sarah, D. of Wm. Bradford 3d, she d. 1720.

   2.   William (s. of Jonathan above) m. Alice, D. of William Bradford 3d, and had William 1706, Lemuel 1707, Mercy 1708, Benjamin 1710*, and Benjamin 1717; the father d. 1751, æ. 80, the mother d. 1775, æ. 95.   William was drowned.—Lemuel m. Lydia, D. of his uncle John Barnes, and had 5 ss. and 3 Ds.; he d. and his wid. m. Jonathan Sampson; one D. m. Nathaniel Bartlett, one m. a Lemote, and another Ephraim Holmes.—Mercy m. Samuel Cole and afterwards Capt. Barnabas Hedge, grandfather of the present Barnabas Hedge Esq., and her D. Mercy m. Thomas Davis, and was mother of the late Hon. Wm. Davis of Plymouth.—Benjamin had Benjamin, Isaac, Bradford, and Mrs. Battles, and died 1769.   There are many descendants still in Plymouth, Hingham, and other parts of the County.

   BARTLETT.—Robert Bartlett came over in the 3d ship, the Ann, in 1623; m. Mary, eldest D. of Richard and Elizabeth Warren, 1628; he d. 1676, æ. 73, his w. survived him a few years only; he had Benja. Joseph 1638, Rebecca who m. Wm. Harlow 1649, Mary who m. Richard Foster 1651 and then Jona. Morey 1659, Sarah who m. Sam'l Rider of Yarmo. 1656, Elizabeth who m. Anthony Sprague of Hingham 1661, Mercy who m. John Ivey of Boston 1668, and Lydla [sic, Lydia] who m. James Barnaby and then John Nelson of Mid'o.   He was said to have been much "opposed to psalm singing;" Ainsworth's Psalms and the tunes appended, badly printed and worse sung probably, could but offend both good sense and good ears.

   2.   Benjamin (s. of the above) m. Sarah, only D. of Love Brewster, 1656, and settled in Duxbury, where he was Selectman and Deputy; he m. a 2d w. Cicely or Cecilia 1678; he d. 1691, and had Benjamin, Samuel, Ichabod, Ebenezer, Rebecca who m. Wm. Bradford 3d 1679, and Sarah who m. her cousin Robert Bartlett 1687.   Some of his descendants went to Lebanon, Conn.

   3.   Joseph (brother of the next above [son of Robert]) m. probably Hannah, D. of William Followell, (Gabriel Followell d. 1667) and settled in "Pond's Parish," Plymouth; she b. 1638, d. 1710; he died 1712, æ. 73. he had Robert, Joseph, Benjamin, Elnathan, Mary w. of John Barnes, Hannah w. of Joseph Silvester, and Lydia w. of Elisha Holmes.

   4.   Samuel (s. of Benjamin 2) m. Hannah Peabody and settled in Plymouth, and was called "sen." and mariner, from whom are


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