386 CUSHING.  

had Sarah, wife of Love Brewster (she afterwards m. a Parks); Rebecca, wife of Job Cole; Mary, 2d wife of Thomas Prince, Gov. m. 1635; and Elizabeth, wife of Constant Southworth.

   CUSHING.—Peter Cushing of Hingham, Norfolk, Eng., and 2 ss., Theophilus 1579, and Matthew 1588, both of whom came to New England and settled in Hingham.

   2.   Theophilus came over 1633, then 54 years old, and lived some years at Gov. Haynes' farm near Boston, and finally settled in Hingham, where he d. nearly 100 years old, and was blind 25 years; he left no children.

   3.   Dea. Matthew, with his wife, 4 ss. and one D., and his wife's sister, wid. Frances Riecroft, came over 1638, "in the Diligent of Ipswich, of 350 tons, John Martin, master," and settled in Hingham; he m. Nazareth, D. of Henry Pitcher; he d 1660, æ. a. 72; she 1682, æ. 95; he had Daniel 1619, Jeremiah 1621, Matthew 1623, Deborah 1625, John 1627.—Deborah m. Matthias Briggs.   All of the Cushings in this vicinity, and in the State perhaps, descended from Matthew.

   4.   Daniel, Esq. (s. of Matthew) was the 3d Town Clerk of Hingham, and left manuscripts, from which much information respecting Hingham and its early settlers has been derived; he m. Lydia, D. of Edward Gilman (ancestor of all the Gilmans) June 19th, 1645, and had Peter 1646, Daniel 1648, Deborah 1651, Jeremiah 1654, Theophilus 1657, Matthew 1660.   She d. 1689, and he m. Elizabeth, wid. of Capt. John Thaxter and D. of Nicholas Jacob 1691, and d. 1700; she 1725, æ. 94.—Deborah m. Benjamin Woodbridge 1679.

   5.   Jeremiah (s. of Matthew 3) of Boston, a mariner, was lost at sea; his wid. Elizabeth mentioned her D. Elizabeth Condy, and g. s. Jeremiah Condy, and sister Martha Muzer in Redrif, near London.

   6.   Matthew (s. of Matthew 3) of Hingham, m. Sarah, D. of Nicholas Jacob 1653, and d. a. 1700, and left no children; in his will he mentioned his brothers and most of his relatives; she made her will 1701, and mentioned most of her relatives.

   7.   Hon. John (s. of Matthew 3) settled in Scituate, and m. (according to Deane in his account of Scituate) Sarah, D. of Nicholas Jacob 1656, (this or the preceding must be an error; did not John m. Sarah, D. of Matthew Hawke?); he was Deputy and Assistant in the old Colony, and Representative at the general Court in Boston the year after the union 1692; she d. 1678, æ. 38; he 1708, æ. 81; he had John 1662, Thomas 1663, Matthew 1665, Jeremiah 1666, James 1668, Joshua 1670, Caleb 1672, Deborah 1674, Maro 1676, Joseph 1677, Benjamin 1679, and Sarah.—Deborah m. Thomas Loring of Plymouth 1699.—Mary d. single 1698.—Sarah m. Dea. David Jacob 1689.   Joshua settled in Marshfield, and left no family.


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