Tamar, and Tamsin.   Pyam Jr. lived with Col. Edward Mitchell in E. B. and died 1778, and in his will dated Jan. 4th the same year, he gave a legacy to Mary, D. of Col. Mitchell, "his intended wife."   She afterwards m. James Keith, and is now living in the State of New York, æ. 86, and has a numerous family.—[See Keith, p. 222, No. 57.]

   45.   Jonathan and Bethiah Cushing had Jeremiah 1761, Phebe 1762, Mary 1766, Sarah 1770, Benjamin 1772.

   Rev. Jona. Cushing m. Elizabeth Cushing 1717.—Nathaniel m. Mary Pemberton 1729.—John m. Abigail Holder 1741.—Benjamin m. Susanna Salter 1761.—Jonathan m. Huldah Edes 1777.—Benjamin m. Betsy Godfrey 1788.—Benjamin Esq., Benjamin Jr., and Ann (single), all of Providence, convey land in Chelsea 1763.—Thomas m. Sally Newell 1799.

   The preceding account contains notices, quite imperfect indeed, of but a part of this very numerous and respectable family.

   CUSHMAN.—Robert Cushman was among the Plymouth pilgrims; he sat sail from England in the ship called the Speedwell in company with the May Flower in 1620, but by reason of leakage the ship put back, and he came the next year, 1621, in the ship Fortune; he remained here but about one month, when he returned to England and d. a. 1625 or 1626; his family came after his death, and his descendants are now numerous in the country.   He was author of the primitive lay Sermon.

   Thomas (s. of the above) born 1607, lived in Governor Bradford's family, having been left there by his father when he sailed for Eng.; m. Mary, D. of Isaac Allerton; he d. 1691; she 1699; he had Thomas, Isaac 1649, Elkanah, Eleazar, Sarah, and Lydia.   Isaac was the first minister of Plympton, and d. 1732.—Sarah m. a Mr. Hook.—Lydia m. a Mr. Harlow.

   DELANO.—Philip Delano came over in the second ship, the Fortune, 1621, was in Duxbury between 1645 and 1650, and one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and sold his share to Nicholas Byram.   The name on the early records was sometimes written De la Noye, hence he was supposed to be of French origin, and one of the French protestants who attached himself to the pilgrims at Leyden, and came over with them.   He m. Hester Dewsberry, and had Samuel, Thomas, and John, and was probably ancestor of the numerous families of the name still residing at Duxbury, and other towns both in the counties of Plymouth and Bristol, as well as in other parts of the country.

   EATON.—Samuel Eaton was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, was no doubt son of Francis Eaton, who came over in the May Flower 1620, whose wife was Christian, and whose children were in 1627 Samuel and Rachel.   Samuel settled probably in Duxbury; he must have been there between


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