400 HOWLAND.  

bert, Deborah, Jane.—Nathaniel was lost in the steamboat Lexington 1840.—[See Hobart p. 193.]

   Sarah Cleverly, D. of Capt. John Hobart, d. in Boston 1696.   There was a Solomon Hobart born 1689.—[See Thayer's family Memorial for a further account of the Hobart family.]

   HOWLAND.—John Howland came over in the 1st ship 1620; his wife Elizabeth, D. of Gov. John Carver, and two children, John and Desire, came afterwards, 1627; he was one of the Governor's Assistants many years, and a very respectable and useful man in the infant colony; he died 1672 at Rocky Nook, near Kingston, æ. a. 80, on which occasion it is recorded "that he was the last of the male survivors of those who came over in the May Flower in 1620, and whose place of abode was Plymouth."   By not attending to the last words of this extract Farmer in his Appendix, as well as others, have been drawn into a seeming doubt.   Howland was only the last of these pilgrim, who lived and died in Plymouth.   John Alden certainly in Duxbury, and perhaps others of them out of Plymouth, survived Howland.   Alden outlived him 15 years.   Howland had John who m. Mary Lee and settled in Barnstable, Jabez who m. Bethiah Thacher of Yarmouth and finally settled in Bristol and who was an early Lieutenant under Capt. Standish, Joseph who m. Elizabeth, only child of Thos. Southworth, 1664, and lived in Plymouth, Isaac who m. Elizabeth, D. of George Vaughn, and settled in Mid'o. and d. there 1724, Desire who m. John Gorham 1643 who lived in Plymouth, Marshfield, Barnstable, and Swansey where he d. 1675, æ. 54, Hope who m. John Chipman of Plymouth and then of Barnstable, Elizabeth who m. Ephraim Hicks of Plymouth and then John Dickerson of Barnstable, Lydia who m. James Brown of Swansey, Hannah who m. Bozworth of Hull or Swansey, and Ruth who m. Thos. Cushman of Plymo. 1664.—Isaac Howland had Isaac, Seth, Nathan, Priscilla Bennet, Susanna Wood, Jael Southworth, and Eliza-Tinkham [sic].

   Joseph (s. of John) m. Elizabeth, only child of Thos. Southworth, 1664, and had Thomas, James, Lydia, Mercy, Eliza, Nathaniel.

   Thomas (s. of Joseph) m. Joanna, D. of James Cole, 1699, and had Consider 1700, Experience 1705, Thomas 1707, Elizabeth 1710, Hannah 1712, Joanna 1716, Joseph 1718.   Experience m. Benja. Lothrop.—Hannah m. Charles Dyer, and afterwards Edward Winslow.—Joanna m. Gideon White 1744; he d. 1779.

   Nathaniel (s. of Joseph) m. Martha, D. of James Cole, 1697, and had Joseph 1699, Mary 1702, Nathaniel 1705, Joseph 1708.

   Consider (s. of Thomas) m. Ruth Bryant 1725 (born 1704), and had Lucy 1726, Eliza 1728, Ruth 1730, Mary 1732, Thos.


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