14.   Solomon (his will 1765) and his w. Deborah; he had Solomon, Jabez, Job, Abner, Lydia, and Mary.

   15.   James (of Hull) died 1777; his wife Mary; he had John, Martha, James, Mary, and Joseph.

   16.   Israel (of Boston) d. 1778; his wid. Mary; he had Israel, Thomas, Eunice, and Betsy.

   17.   David (of Hull); his will 1781; his w. Hannah; he had Jonathan, Joseph, Benjamin, Mary White, Hannah Beals, Anna Sergeant, and Jane Cushing, and gr. ch. David, Sarah, Mary, and Hannah.

   18.   Thomas (of Hingham); his will 1795; his wid. Sarah D. of Dea. Joshua Hersey; her mother was Alice, wid. of Edward Mitchell of E. B. and D. of Major John Bradford of Kingston.   [See p. 252, No. 4.]   He had Jane, Jotham, Thomas, Asa, Rachel, and Christiana; his wid. d. 1798.   Jane m. a Thaxter.—Col. Jotham lived in Duxbury.—Thomas was father of the present Thomas Loring Esq. Representative of Hingham.

   John Loring and Elizabeth his wife, Samuel Loring and Jane his wife, Caleb Loring Esq. and Rebecca his wife, Benjamin Loring and Elizabeth his wife, David Loring and Hannah his w. sold and conveyed Rainsford Island to William Foye, Treasurer of the Commonwealth, 1736; perhaps these were ss. of John 6, but it is not ascertained.

   The foregoing is but a sketch and brief notice of a few of the very numerous and respectable families of this name, now widely extended over the country, and all probably descendants of Dea. Thomas.

   MERRICK.—William Merrick was an inhabitant of Duxbury before 1650, and one of the first proprietors of Bridgewater, and we have no further knowledge of him.   Some of the name have resided on the Cape.

   MORTON.—George Morton arrived at Plymouth 1623 in the third ship, the Ann.   He and Experience Mitchell in the first allotment of land in 1623 had eight acres together; his w. Sarah was supposed to be sister of Gov. Bradford; he d. 1624; his ch. were Nathaniel, John, Patience, Ephraim, and Sarah.   Patience m. John Faunce father of Thomas Faunce (the distinguished Elder of Plymouth Church, who d. 1745).—Sarah m. George Bonum or Bonham.

   2.   Nathaniel (s. of George 1) was the Secretary of the Colony, and the worthy author of New England's Memorial; he m. Lydia Cooper 1635, who d. 1673, and he then m. Ann Templar; he had no son, but had 6 Ds.   One, Remember, b. 1637, m. Abraham Jackson 1657; one m. a Dunham; one, Joanna, m. Joseph Prince of Hull; one, Elizabeth, m. Nathaniel Bozworth of Hull; one, Lydia, m. George Ellison; and another m. a Bozworth; he d. June 28, 1685.


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