3.   John (s. of George 1) went to Middleboro' and was ancestor of a numerous family.

   4.   Ephraim (s. of George 1) was a Lieutenant and Deacon; he d. 1693, and left a wid. Mary Harlow; she afterwards m. Hugh Cole 1698; when last m. she was called wid. of Ephraim Morton Esq.; Morton's children were George, Ephraim, Nathaniel, Josiah, Eleazar, Thomas, Patience who m. John Nelson, and Rebecca who m. a Wood.

   5.   George (s. of Ephraim 4) m. Joanna Kempton, and had Hannah 1668, Manasseh 1669, Ephraim 1670, Joanna 1673, Ruth 1676, George 1678, and Timothy 1682.

   6.   Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 4) had Ephraim, John, Joseph, Ebenezer, and one D.   Ephraim Jr. was father of Ichabod.—John Morton m. Mary Faunce, and d. of "a grievous wound" 1709, and she then m. Joseph Hall of Yarmouth.   Joseph was grandfather of Capt. Ezekiel.

   7.   Nathaniel (s. of Ephraim 4) was a Lieutenant and d. 1709; he had a s. Nathaniel whose s. Nathaniel, b. 1752 and d. 1775, was father of Mrs. Rebecca, relict of the late Hon. Wm. Davis.

   8.   Josiah (s. of Ephraim 4) d. 1694, and had Henry, Josiah, &c.   Josiah m. E. Clark, and had Josiah who d. 1739 æ. 86, and who was father of Thomas who d. 1824, æ. 76.

   9.   Eleazar (s. of Ephraim 4) had three children.

   10.   Thomas (s. of Ephraim 4) had Nathaniel who was father of Lemuel.

   The preceding is but a sketch or outline of this numerous and respectable family, of whom the present Governor, Marcus Morton, is one, as was also the Hon. Perez Morton, late Attorney General of the Commonwealth.

   NASH.—Samuel Nash of Duxbury was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, and one of the Commissioners appointed by Court to purchase the new Plantation of the Indians.   He was Sheriff or Chief Marshal of the Colony, a Lieutenant under Capt. Standish, and also Representative from Duxbury to the old Colony Court at Weymouth; one of his Ds. m. Abraham Sampson.   We have no further knowledge of him or his family, and know not if he had any connection with James a cotemporary at Weymouth [Weymouth Plymouth (404)].   He lived in his old age with his son-in-law Clarke.   There are many of the name still living in Weymouth, Abington, and the vicinity.   James Nash of Duxbury m. Sarah Simmons as early as 1660 or 1670, he may have been son of Samuel, and the same man who was at Weymouth, and Joseph, and others of Scituate may have been his descendants.

   PARTRIDGE.—George Partridge and the Rev. Ralph Partridge both of Duxbury were both original proprietors of Bridge-


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