probably young and included in some of the families; this is the more probable as he was not made a freeman till 1635, and not married till 1640, when he m. Ann Plummer; he settled in Duxbury; what his connection with Abraham was is not ascertained; they may have been brothers.   Henry d. 1685; he had Stephen, John, James, Caleb, Eliza w. of Robert Sprout, Hannah w. of Josiah Holmes, another D. w. of John Hammond, Mary w. of John Simmons, and Dorcas wife of Thomas Bonney.   Stephen and his wife Elizabeth had Benjamin, John, Cornelius, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorcas, and Abigail; he d. 1714.—James settled in Dartmouth.—Caleb m. Mercy, D. of Alexander Standish.

   3.   Isaac (whose s. uncertain, perhaps s. of Abraham) b. 1660 and d. 1726; m. Lydia, D. of Alexander Standish, and had Isaac 1688, Jonathan 1690, Josiah 1692 d. 1731, Lydia 1694, Ephraim 1698, Peleg 1700, Priscilla 1702, Barnabas 1705.   Isaac Jr. had a w. Sarah.—Jonathan had a w. Joanna.—Ephraim had a w. Abigail.—Priscilla m. Jabez Fuller.—Barnabas had a w. Experience.

   4.   Peleg (s. of Isaac 3) m. Mary Ring born 1700, and had Mercy 1731 and Simeon 1736.

   5.   Simeon (s. of Peleg 4) m. Deborah, D. of Seth Cushing, 1759, and had Lydia Cushing 1762, Deborah, Mercy, George W., and Maria; he d. 1789; she 1830, æ. 90.   Lydia C. m. Wm. Goodwin 1781 and d. 1815.—Deborah m. Rev. Ephraim Briggs and afterwards William Goodwin for his 2d w.—Mercy m. Levi Bradford 1800.—Maria m. Rev. Daniel Johnson of Yarmouth.

   There was a Gideon Sampson who m. Abigail, D. of Maj. John Bradford, soon after 1700, she left no children.

   There was a George Sampson who went to Plympton about 1680, and his grand daughter Deborah m. Elijah Bisbee Jr. and d. 1816, æ. 93, and was mother of Elijah Bisbee Esq. and Geo. Bisbee.

   SIMMONS.—Moses Simmons (sometimes written Symons and Symonson) of Duxbury was an original proprietor of Bridgewater, and sold his right to Nicholas Byram; he came over in the ship Fortune 1621; he had Moses and Thomas, and probably other children.   Moses Jr. died in Duxbury 1689, and had John, Aaron, Mary w. of Joseph Alden, Elizabeth w. of Richard Dwelly, and Sarah w. of James Nash.—Thomas lived in Scit., and had Moses and Aaron, and perhaps others.—Moses and his w. Patience had Moses 1666 d. in Canada expedition 1690, John 1667, Sarah 1670, Aaron 1672, Job 1674, Patience 1676 after her father's death.   Aaron m. Mary Woodworth 1677, and had Rebecca 1679, Moses 1680, Mary 1683, Elizabeth 1686, Ebenezer 1689, Lydia 1693; Moses m. Rachel Cudworth 1711, and had Moses 1718, Aaron 1720, Rachel 1723, Leah 1725; Ebene-


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