pears by the petition of Josiah Edson and sixty others, and the North, then including all the rest of the town agreed to it, and it was granted in the House of Rep. Nov. 24, 1719, but was non-concurred in by the Council.   What is now the North also originally petitioned to be a town in 1738, and the town itself consented, and voted also at the same time, as we have already seen that the South and East should become distinct and separate towns; but the General Court resisted all these applications.   Some years before any division was finally effected strong desires for it were manifested, principally from the South and North Parishes, which were the most remote from the centre.   But means were adopted to obviate complaints and to prevent separation.   The town however at last, having increased in population, and the discontent, never entirely appeased, reviving and no longer to he restrained, was rapidly divided into four distinct towns.   The North, though the youngest parish, had become the most populous as well as the most distant from the town house, first applied and was incorporated June 15, 1821, by the name of North Bridgewater.

   The West (the old town) was incorporated Feb. 16, 1822, by the name of West Bridgewater.

   The East was incorporated June 14, 1823, by the name of East Bridgewater.

   The South, with Titicut, remains therefore with the old name, Bridgewater, and the town records which had for 166 years remained principally at the West were transferred to the South.   It is somewhat remarkable that the South, which was the first to move for separation and often the most forward in it, should after all secure its object and retain the original name by remaining quiet.   The inhabitants felt a pride in belonging to so large and respectable a town, and were somewhat reluctant to separate, and therefore endured the inconveniences of union much longer than otherwise perhaps they would have done; and we accordingly see each division still fondly retaining the cherished name as far as public convenience will permit.   The old proprietors' records still remain in West Bridgewater.


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