[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 45 [1891]:142]

142 Marriages in East Parish, Bridgewater, Mass. [April,

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FROM MARCH 4, 1725, TO AUGUST 3, 1803,

By the Rev. John Angier (settled 1724, died April 14, 1787) and the Rev. Samuel Angier, his son and colleague (settled 1767, died Jan. 18, 1805).

Communicated by the Rev. HENRY F. JENKS, A.M., of Canton, Mass., from the original manuscript in the possession of Miss Mary H. Rust, of East Bridgewater, great-great-grand-daughter of the Rev. John Angier.

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June 30th 1746—I marry'd Doctor Otis and Mebetabel Bass.
Octob. 7th 1746—I marry'd Joseph Keith jun'r. and Ann Turner.
Octob. 10th 1746—I marry'd Joseph Robinson and Abigail Keith.
Novem. 26th 1746—I marry'd Thomas Wade & Susanna Lathum.
Nov'r 27th 1746—I marry'd Johu Egerton and Abigail Snow.
Jan'y. 5th 1746-7—I marry'd Daniel Alden jun'r. and Jane Turner.
Sept. 29th 1747—I marry'd Abijah Edson and Susanna Snow.
Octob. 7th 1747—I marry'd Josiah Whitman and Elisabeth Smith.
Novem. 3d 1747—I marry'd Jonathan Whitman and Elisabeth Harvey.
Decemb. 25th l747—I marry'd Thomas Phillips & ye widow Hannah Allen.
Jany. 29th 1747—I marry'd David Conant junr. & Rhoda Lathum.
March 2d 1747-8—I marry'd Anthony Pierce & the Widow Martha Petingal.
March 23d 1747-8—I marry'd Job Burgess & Patience Thomas—Indians.
Feb. 7th 1748-9—I marry'd Stephen Leach and Sarah Hooper.


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