[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 45 [1891]:143]

1891.] Marriages in East Parish, Bridgewater, Mass. 143

April 27th 1749—I marry'd Theophilus Byram and Elisabeth Beale.
May 3d 1749—I marry'd Henry Cary and Martha Byram.
May 11th 1749—I marry'd James Edson and Esther Allen.
Octob. 5th 1749—I marry'd John Smith and Mary Hanmer.
Novr. 28th 1749—I marry'd Zebulun Cary and Lydia Phillips.
Jany. 16th 1749-50—I marry'd Nathan Alden and Mary Hudson.
Mar. 16th 1749-50—I marry'd Simeon Whitman and Martha Snow.
April 3d 1750—I marry'd Daniel Beale and Mehetabel Byram.
April 9th 1750—I marry'd Matthew Gannet & Martha Byram.
August 22d 1750—I marry'd Igtnatius Loring and Bathsheba Bass.
Nov. 5th 1750—I marry'd William Holmes & Elisabeth Hamblin.
Dec. 20th 1750—I marry'd Benjamin Gannet and Mary Copeland.
Feb. 14th 1750-51—I marry'd Elijah Hayward and Silence Snell.
May 2d 1751—I marry'd Samuel Bisbe of Pembrook. and Martha Snell.
Augst. 28th 1751—I marry'd John Pratt of Pembrooke and Sarah Pierce.
Septr. 19th 1751—I marry'd John Wade and Hannah Kingman.
Nov. 27th 1751—I marry'd John Richards and Kezia Bailey.
Decr. 18th 1751—I marry'd Benjamin Harris and Sarah Snow.
Decr. 19th 1751—I marry'd William Barrel and Sarah Cary.
Janry. 18th 1751-2—I marry'd Ezra Warren and Mary Phillips.
June 18th 1752—I marry'd Peter Whitman and Susanna Keith.
June 30th 1752—I marry'd Eleazar Hamblen and Lydia Bonne.
August 5th 1752—I marry'd David Kingman, jun'r. and Abigail Hall.
Octobr. 26th 1752 N. S.—I marry'd James Keith and Sarah Holman.
Nov. 3d 1752 N. S.—I marry'd John Orcutt junr. and Jerusha Hanmer.
Nov. 22d 1752 N. S.—I marry'd John Young and Eunice Bass.
Dec. 28th 1752 N. S.—I marry'd John Howard jur. and Abigail Hudson.
Jany. 10th 1753—I marry'd Nathaniel Ramsdel and Mary Pratt.
Octobr. 31st 1753—I marry'd George Bradley and Susanna Pierce.
Janry 15th 1754—I marry'd Hezekiah Egerton and Mary Hegbone.
Octobr. 2d 1754—I marry'd David Keith and Jemima Whitman.
Novembr. 7th 1754—I marry'd Seth Gannet and Susanna Allen.
Novembr. 26th 1754—I marry'd Samuel Kingman and Deborah Loring.
Novembr. 28th 1754—I marry'd James Lovel and Dorcas Pratt.
Jany. 1st 1755—I marry'd Samuel Dawes and Abigail Kingman.
March 18th 1755—I marry'd Sam'l Bowditch and Rebecca Byram,
                                    and also Jonathan Allen and Sarah Bass.
June 19th 1755—I marry'd Thomas Phillips, Jur. and Mary Hatch.
Octobr. 30th 1755—I marry'd Thomas Snell, Jur. and Bithiah Allen.
Feby. 12th 1756—I marry'd John Churchill of Plympton and Joanna Bisby.
April 20th 1756—I marry'd John Barrel and Judith Snow.
August 19th 1756—I marry'd William Allen and Katharine Demseh.
Sept. 23d 1756—I marry'd Benjamin Chamberlane of Pembroke and Hannah Snell.
Novr. 23d 1756—I marry'd Samuel Billing of Stoughton & Reliance Hudson.
Feby. 3d 1757—I marry'd Benjamin Whitman & Mary Lathum.
April 6th 1757—I marry'd Benjamin Byram and Ann Holman.
Novembr. 17th 1757—I marry'd Richard Bartlett and Mary Robinson.
Decembr. 15th 1757—I marry'd Judah Wood of Halifax, and Hannah Porter of Bridgwater.
Novembr. 16th 1758—I marry'd Samuel Allen and Hannah Pratt, both of Bridgwater.
Feby. 7th 1759—I marry'd Joseph Snow and Ruth Shaw, both of Bridgwater.


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