[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 45 [1891]:145]

1891.] Marriages in East Parish, Bridgewater, Mass. 145

Sept. 26th 1765—I marry'd Cushing Mitchel and Jennit Orr, both of Bridgwater.
Octobr. 17th 1765—I marry'd Arthur Lathum and Margaret Bearse both of Bridgwater.
Novemr. 14th 1765—I marry'd James Thompsoh and Abigail Allen both of Bridgwater.
Decembr. 5th 1765—I marry'd John Hubbard of Abington and Mary Allen of Bridgwater.
Decembr. 9th 1765—I marry'd Samuel Staples of Hanover and Betty Washburn of Bridgwater.
Jany 9th 1766—I marry'd Joseph Noyes of Abington and Mercy Hatch of Bridgwater.
April 14th 1766—I marry'd William Bonney and Phebe Allen both of Bridgwater.
May 29th 1766—I marry'd Amos Foord of Duxborough and the Widow Sarah Patingale of Bridgwater.
June 5th 1766—I marry'd William Britton of Raynham and Mary Latham of Bridgwater.
August 18th 1766—I marry'd Samuel Nickels of Norton and Silence Bleen of Bridgwater.
Sept. 23d 1766—I marry'd Jonathan Orcutt and Thankfull Cary both of Bridgwater.
October 6th 1766—I marry'd Robert Orr and Hannah Kingman, both of Bridgwater.
Novembr. 6th 1766—I marry'd Josiah Fobes, jur. and Sarah Pryor both of Bridgwater.
Novembr. 27th 1766—I marry'd Polycarpus Snell & Susanna Shaw both of Bridgwater.
Decr. 4th 1766—I marry'd Josiah Hathaway jur. of Halifax & Hanah Latham of Bridgwater.
Jany. 29th 1767—I marry'd Deacon Thomas Whitman and the Widow Rebecca Allen.
Mar. 19th 1767—I marry'd Nathaniel Chamberlain and Deliverance Snell.
April 23d 1767—I marry'd Stephen Whitman and Mary Orr both of Bridgwater.
October 12th 1767—I marry'd Lemuel Leach and Rebecca Washburn both of Bridgwater, and at the same time John Sprague and Rebecca Alden of Bridgwater.
Octobr. 15th 1767—I marry'd Mr. Ephraim Hyde of Rehoboth and Mrs. Mary Angier* of Bridgwater.
Nov. 26th 1767—I marry'd Nathan Hudson and Betty Gannet, both of Bridgwater.
April 27th 1768—I marry'd Winslow Richardson and Elisabeth Byram, both of Bridgwater.
April 28th 1768—I marry'd Elijah Dean and Susanna Bass, both of Bridgwater.
May 12th 1768—I marry'd Zadok Hayward of Plymouth and Experience Bearse of Bridgwater.
Sept. 29th 1768—I marry'd George Keith and Deborah Cleft, both of Bridgwater.

   * The unmarried daughter of Rev. John Angier.   Young ladies were then called "Mistress," the term "Miss" being used for children under ten.


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