[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 46 [1892]:57]

1892.] Marriages of East Parish, Bridgewater, Mass. 57

Novbr. 25th. 1784—Jacob Allen & Susanna Alden, both of Bridgwater, were marry'd by S. Angier.
Decembr. 16th. 1784—Thomas Osburne & Hannah Wade both of Bridgwater, were marry'd by S. Angier.
Decembr. 22d. 1784—Joseph Chamberlain & Sarah Bass, both of Bridgwater, were marry'd by S. Angier.
      Returned to ye Clerk Febry. 21. 1785.

   The following is an account of marriages consummated by me, Samuel Angier.

Janry. 13th 1785—I marry'd Samuel Harden of Abington & Relief Spear of Bridgwater.
Janry. 27th. 1785—I marry'd Benjamin Darling of Pembroke & Sarah Lowden of Bridgwater.
Febry. 3d. 1785—I marry'd Thomas Chamberlain & Molly Whitman both of Bridgwater.
Febry. 17th. 1785—I marry'd Peter Salmon of Hanover & ye Widow Eunice Whitman of Bridgwater.
March 8th. 1785—I marry'd Holman Keith & Sylvia Keith both of Bridgwater.
March 9th. 1785—I marry'd Hugh Orr, Jun'r. & Sylvia Mitchel both of Bridgwater.
March l0th. 1785—I marry'd Samuel Dunbar, a transient mulatto Fellow & Hannah James of Bridgwater.
March 15th. 1785—I marry'd John Edson ye 3d. & Susanna Orcutt both of Bridgwater
May 26th 1785—I marry'd Simeon Allen & Huldah Cary, both of Bridgewater.
June 2d. 1785—I marry'd Capt. Isaac Whitman & Bathsbeba Allen both of Bridgwater.
July 14th. 1785—I marry'd James Lovell & Jemima Leach, both of Bridgwater.
Sept. 15th. 1785—I marry'd James Barrell & Betsey Russell both of Bridgwater.
Novbr. 17th. 1785—I marry'd James Ramsdel & Eunice Allen both of Bridgwater.
Decembr. 1st. 1785—I marry'd Daniel Kinsley & Molly Keith both of Bridgwater.
      These marriages returned to ye Town Clerk, March 11th. 1786.

   The following is an Account of the Persons marry'd by me, Samuel Angier, with ye time when they were marry'd,


Febry. 7th—Byram Allen of Bridgwater & Elisabeth Child of Roxbury.
Febry. 9th—Thomas Blanchard, Jun'r. of Abington & Susanna Latham of Bridgwater.
Febry. 9th—Levi Keith the 2d & Huldah Keith, both of Bridgwater.
March 2d—Samuel Pool, Jun'r. & Abigail Porter, both of Bridgwater.
May 25—Nathaniel Dammon of Marshfield & Molly Allen of Bridgwater.
May 25th—Roger Sutman & Phillis Suel, both of Bridgwater, Negroes.
August 24th—Henry Jackson & Mehitabel Alden, both of Bridgwater.
Sept. 26th—James Willis & Sarah Jackson, both of Bridgwater.
Decembr. 21st—Matthew Allen ye 2d. & Jane Keen, both of Bridgwater.
      Returned to ye Clerk Janry. 1st. 1787.

[To be continued.]


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