[The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 46 [1892]:171]

1892.] Marriages of East Parish, Bridgewater, Mass. 171

Sept. 9th.—John Keith, Junr. & Mebitable Keith, both of Bridgwater.
Sept. 24th.—John Winnet of Abington & Susanna Brown of Bridgwater.
Decembr. 11th.—Levi Thomas of Pembroke & Lydia Thomas of Bridgwater.

May 21st—Melvin Thomas of Halifax & Hannah Wade of Bridgwater.
June 4th.—William Barrel, Junr. & Huldah Bisbee, both of Bridgwater.
July 1st.—David Keith, Junr. & Lydia Alden, both of Bridgwater.
Sept. 30th.—Samuel Wood & Debby Sherly, both of Bridgwater.
Octob'r. 6th.—Nehemiah Latham & Hannah Allen, both of Bridgwater.
Octob'r. 27th.—Samuel Pratt French & Olive Read, both of Bridgwater.
Novembr. 9th.—Leiut. Bradford Mitchell & Meribah Keen, both of Bridgwater.
Novembr. 26th.—Mr. Bartholomew Brown & Miss Betsey Lazell, both of Bridgwater.

Janry. 13th.—Solomon Hearsey, Junr. & Sylvia Gurney, both of Bridgewater.
Febry. 10th.—Alpheus Orcutt of Bridgwater & Mercy Pratt of Pembroke.
Febry. 17th.—Barza Allen & Lucy Baldwin, both of Bridgwater.
March 4th.—Comfort Carpenter Dresser of Chester in ye State of Vermont & Celia Wade of Bridgwater.
      Returned to ye Clerk, April 26th, 1802.

N. B. The marriages consummated by me for this year, being few in Number were not returned to ye Town Clerk, until April 26th in ye year 1802; & were then return'd with ye marriages consummated by me in 1802, prior to that date, April 26th.

April 28th.—Ichabod Keith & Susanna Robinson, both of Bridgwater.
July 9th.—Elihu Stephens & Susa Foy, both of Bridgwater; mulatto people.
August 16th.—Charles Keen & Celia Mitchell, both of Bridgwater.
Sept. 16th.—Mr. Moses Noyes of Providence & Miss Hannah Whitman of Bridgwater.
Novbr. 4th.—Mr. Daniel Howard, 3d, & Miss Susanna Kingman, both of Bridgwater.
Novbr. 13th.—Cyrus Cary of Claremont & Nabby Keith of Bridgwater.
Novbr. 25th.—Leiut. Galen Latham & Susanna Keith, both of Bridgwater.

March 7th.—Simeon Jones of Pembroke & Susanna Washburn of Bridgwater.
March 24th.—Bartholomew Trow & Mary Washburn, both of Bridgwater.
April 4th.—William Vinton & Nabby Otis, both of Bridgwater.
April 14th.—Isaac Read & Sally Stetson, both of Bridgwater.
June 23d—John Harden, Junr. & Jenny Stetson, both of Bridgwater.
      Return'd to ye Clerk, June 29th, 1803.
August 3d.—Jacob Bicknel, Junr. of Abington & Hitty White of Bridgwater.
      Return'd to ye Clerk, Oct. 4th, 1804.


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