compence Cary, son of Jonathan son of John Cary, who came from Somersetshire, in England, about the year 1640; and was then about twenty-five years of age.   He was one of the proprietors, and one of the first settlers, and the first town clerk in Bridgewater.


M. a Howard; was a Captain in the French war, in the years 1758, and 1759; was a Colonel in the Revolutionary war, in 1776.   He had one s. Howard; and five ds. Molly, Mehitable, Damaris, Martha, and Rhoda.   Molly m. Simeon Keith; Mehitable m. Bela Howard, and afterward, Samuel Dike; Damaris died in youth; Martha m. Benjamin Keith; Rhoda m. Richard Wild.

   Colonel Simeon Cary died 1802, aged 83.

   Howard Cary m. a Packard; was a Captain in the militia; is a justice of the peace; has six ss. Simeon, Daniel, Zenas, William, Elbridge, and Francis; and two ds. Molly and Rhoda.   Molly m. Ezra Dunham; Rhoda m. Lieut. Nathan Hayward; Simeon m. a Howard—lives in the State of Maine; Daniel m. a Howard; Zenas lives in Winthrop, Maine.

   Howard Cary, Esq. m. a widow Brown for a 2d wife.


M. a Curtis; was a deacon in the church; had four ss. Moses, Jonathan, Alpheus, and James; and four ds. Mary, Dorothy, Huldah, and Sarah.   Mary, and Huldah, died in youth; Dorothy, lives single; Sarah m. Daniel Alden, and afterwards, Lazarus A. Beals.

   Deacon Jonathan Cary died 1813, aged 90.

   1.   Moses m. a Field, had two ss. Lucius and Barzillai; and three ds. Susanna, Polly, and Cassandana.   Susanna m. Rev. John Shaw; Polly m. Jonathan Beals; Lucius graduated at Providence, 1798.   Studied law; went to Charleston, S. C.; died there in 1806, aged 30.   Barzillai married a Snell.

   2.   Jonathan 2d m. a Perkins; had four ss. Caleb, Jonathan, Luther, and Martin; and six ds. Huldah, Nancy, Abigail, Sally, Mary, and Aurelia.   Nancy, and Aurelia, died in youth; Huldah m. Darius Howard; Abigail m. Isaac Dunham; Sally m. Ziba Keith; Caleb, Jonathan 3d, and Luther, live in the State of Maine; Martin m. a Howard; Jonathan Cary 2d m. a Widow Clark, for a 2d wife.


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