nah m. a Keith; Molly m. a Drake; Rachel m. a Packard.   Ephraim 2d m. a Webb; had five ss. Ephraim, Thomas, Zibeon, Ornan and Alvan; and one d. Hannah, who m. Silas Snow.   Ephraim 3d m. a Packard; was a Lieutenant in the militia; Thomas m. a Thayer; Zibeon m. a Field; Ornan m. a Southworth.                 Ephraim Cole died 1775, aged 44.


Was son of Moses Crafts, of Newton.   He came to Bridgewater 1756.   He was a physician; m. a Park; had six ss. Thomas, Samuel, John, Moses, Edward and Zibeon; and two ds. Patty, and Polly.   Patty m. Rev. Zachariah Howard; Polly m. Rev. Napthali Shaw.   Thomas graduated at Cambridge 1783.   He m. Polly, 2d daughter of Rev. John Porter; was sometime minister at Princeton, afterward settled at Middleborough.   He had three ss. Thomas, Frederick, and Eliphalet; and three ds. Mary, Betsey, and Sophia.   Betsey m. Jesse Perkins; Thomas 2d died in youth; Frederick graduated in Providence 1815; Eliphalet graduated at Providence 1821.

   Rev. Thomas Crafts died 1819, aged 60.

   John m. Olive Porter; had one s. Jonathan.   He graduated at Providence 1817; died 1822, aged 30; Samuel m. a Packard; Moses m. a Snow; Zibeon m. a Howard.

   Dr. Crafts, and his sons, Samuel, Moses. Edward, and Zibeon, moved to the State of Maine.


Was son of Heman Crocker, of Carver; a descendant of a Mr. Crocker, who came from England, and was an early settler on Cape-Cod.   He m. a Thompson; came to live in Bridgewater 1802; has five ss. Daniel, Henry, Edward, Charles, and Frederick; and two ds. Louisa, and Jane.   Louisa m. Charles Gurney.


Was son of Ebenezer Dickerman, of Stoughton.   He m. a Randall; had three ss. Samuel, Benjamin, and Daniel; and one d. Rebecca.   He afterward m. a Bryant; had three ss. Oliver, Lyman, and Manasseh; and five ds. Ruth, Sally, Mary, Thirza, and Roana.   Rebecca m. a Dalie.


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