Harkness; Martha m. Philip Packard; Abigail m. John Harris; Jennet m. Seth Kingman; Seth m. a Howard—had three ss. Jacob, Robert, and Galen; and six ds. Sally, Polly, Nancy, Betsey, Phebe, and Melinda.   Sally and Nancy m. Shephedsons; Betsey died in youth; Jacob lives at Dorchester; Robert lives at Dedham.

   William 2d m. a Randall; has two ss. David, and Amzi; and seven ds. Milly, Ruby, Abigail, Abi, Patty, Mary, and Mehitable.   Milly m. Hosea Alden; Ruby m. Samuel Spear; Abigail m. Ebenezer Crocker; Abi m. Cyrus Howard.

   William Edson died 1800, aged 75.

   4.   Seth settled at Stafford.

   5.   Ichabod m. a Packard; had two ds. Relief and Joanna.   Relief m. Oliver Packard; Joanna m. Thomas Packard.

   Ichahod Edson died 1811, aged 83.

   6.   Ebenezer m. a Packard; had three ss. Nathan, Ebenezer, and Peter; and three ds. Lucy, Levina, and Zibia.   Lucy m. a Thayer; Levina m. a Perkins; Zibia m. Timothy West; Nathan, and Ebenezer 2d, settled at Rehoboth; Peter died in the army.

   David Edson and James Edson were sons of Deacon Joseph Edson, a descendant of Samuel Edson before mentioned.


M. a Gannet; was a Deacon in the church; had three ds. Susanna, Mehitable, and Huldah.   He afterward m. Peter Edson's widow—had one s. David; Susanna m. Joshua Beals; Mehitable m. Benjamin Clark; Huldah m. Benjamin Death.

   Deacon David Edson died 1795, aged 73.

   David 2d m. a Shaw; is a Deacon in the church; has three ss. Jonathan, David, and Daniel; and seven ds. Hannah, Sarah, Lydia, Mehitable, Polly, Eliza, and Rebecca.   Hannah m. John Smith; Sarah m. a Burrell; Polly m. a Burrell.


M. an Allen; had two ss. Josiah and Barnabas.   Barnabas died in the army.

   James Edson died 1808, aged 82.

   Josiah m. a Fuller; had one s. Barnabas; and six ds. Zilpha, Susanna, Sarah, Esther, Reliance, and Olive.   Zilpha m. Eli-


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