phalet Kingman; Susanna m. Israel Packard; Sarah m. Ira Hayward; Esther m. Ambrose Kingman; Reliance m. Joel Ames; Olive m. Jacob Noyes; Barnabas m. a Gurney.

   Josiah Edson died 1820, aged 67.


   His wife was an Eames; he was a Deacon; they came from Marshfield 1770.   He has one s. Elisha, who m. a Packard; had two ss. Josiah and Isaac.   He moved to Long-Island, Maine.   Josiah m. a Noyes; Isaac m. a Hayward.


Was son of Richard Field, a descendant of John Field, who came from Providence and was an early settler in Bridgewater.   He m. a Fobes; had eight ss. Fobes, Richard, William, Daniel, Ephraim, Barzillai, Bethuel, and Waldo; and one d. Susanna, who m. Moses Cary.

   Jabez Field died 1804, aged 92.

   1.   Fobes and Bethuel live single.

   2.   Richard m. a Harris; had one s. Cyrus; and nine ds. Polly, Sally, Belinda, Lois, Susanna, Hannah, Zeruah, Rebecca, and Eliza.   They all moved to Claremont, New-Hampshire.

   3.   William m. a Keith; had two ss. Ozias, and Jabez; and two ds. Zilpha and Serena.

   4.   Daniel m. a Snell; has two ss. Zophar and Waldo; and one d. Martha, who m. Gustavus Sylvester.   Zophar m. a Howard; Waldo 2d m a Marshall for his 1st, and a Perkins for his 2d wife.

   5.   Ephraim m. a Brett; they moved to Paris, Maine.

   6.   Barzillai m. a Packard; has two ss. John and Lucius; and three ds. Chloe, Mary and Clarissa.   Mary m. Zibeon Cole; John m. a Thompson.

   Waldo went to the westward.


Was son of Jacob Ford, of Abington.   He came to live in Bridgewater 1763.   He m. a Brett; had two ss. Asa and Samuel; and three ds. Hannah, Sally, and Mehitable.   Hannah m. Joshua Ames; Sally m. Samuel Alden; Mehitable m. Isaac Reynolds;


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