the first justice in the Parish.   He had two ss. Daniel and Barnabas; and four ds. Mary, Damaris, Mehitable, and Silence.   Mary m. Colonel Simeon Cary; Mehitable and Damaris died in youth; Silence m. Col. Josiah Hayden.

   Daniel Howard, Esq., died 1779, aged 80.

   1.   Daniel died in youth.

   2.   Barnabas m. a Packard; was a Captain and a Justice of Peace; had five ss. Oliver, Daniel, Barnabas, Jonas, and Gideon; and five ds. Vesta, Damaris, Mehitable, Anna, and Lois.   Vesta m. Daniel Howard, Esq.; Damaris m. Captain John French; Mehitable m. John Wales; Anna died in youth; Lois m. Nathan Keith.

   Barnabas Howard, Esq. died 1813, aged 84.

   1    Oliver m. a Reynolds; had three ss. Oliver, Daniel, and Otis; and five ds. Parna, Emilla, Bernice, Lois, Mehitable, and Betsey.   Parna m. James Ford; Emilla m. Apollos Howard; Bernice m. Zophar Field; Lois m. a Linnfield; Mehitable m. Charles Copeland; Betsey m. Robert Packard.   Oliver 2d m. a Sturtevant.   Daniel 4th m. a Howard.   Otis m. a Southworth.

   2.   Daniel 3d m. a Packard; had three ds.—Polly, Selina, and Relief.   Polly m. John Holbrook; Selina m. Robert Holbrook; Relief m. Benjamin Capen.

   3.   Barnabas died in youth.

   4.   Jonas m. a Packard; had three ss. Barnabas, Jonas, and Edwin; and seven ds. Sophia, Roana, Ann, Louisa, Lydia, Angeline, and Sophia 2d.   Sophia m. Darius Howard; Roana m. Simeon Cary; Louisa m. a Thayer; Ann m. Charles Littlefield; Lydia m. Darius Littlefield.

   5.   Gideon m. a Willis; was a Captain and a Justice of the Peace; had six ss. Gideon, Albert, Austin, Elijah, Francis, and Nathan; and five ds. Martha, Adeline, Lucy, Mary, and Betsy.   Martha m. Daniel Cary; Adeline m. Samuel Harris; Lucy m. Lot Blanchard; Mary m. Sihon Packard.

   Gideon 2d m. a Harris.


Was son of John Howard, of West Bridgewater, a descendant of John Howard, before mentioned.   He was one of the first settlers in the North Parish; he m. a Keith; was a Captain in the militia; had four ss. John, Robert, Adam, and Daniel; and four ds.


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