Wild; Bathsheba m. Barnard Jackson; Isaac m. a French; Jonas m. a Bartlett; Nathan m. a Howard; had one s. Nahum; and one d. Lois, who m. a Nash.


Was son of Henry Kingman, of West Bridgewater; was an early settler in the North Parish.   He m. an Allen; was a Lieutenant in the militia; had two ss. Matthew and Henry; and one d. Jennet.   He afterwards m. a Copeland; had two ss. Seth and Benjamin; and three ds. Abigail, Anna, and Remit.   Jennet m. Lieutenant Elisha Gurney; Abigail m. Daniel Dunbar; Anna m. Major James Keith; Remit m. Simeon Shurtliff.

   Lieutenant Kingman died 1775, aged 75.

   1.   Matthew m. a Packard; had four ss. Simeon, Henry, Abel, and Elipihalet; and seven ds. Polly, Eunice, Hannah, Harmony, Patty, Jane, and Kezia.   Polly m. Charles Snell; Eunice m. Peres Southworth; Harmony m. Joel Packard, Esq.; Patty m. Capt. Thomas Thompson; Jane m. Micah Shaw; Kezia m. Cyrus Packard.

   Matthew Kingman died 1809, aged 79.

   Simeon settled at Orleans, on the Cape.

   Henry 3d m. a Bryant; settled at Pelham.

   Abel m. a Washburn; was a Captain in the militia; is a Justice of the Peace; and has been one of the Selectmen near twenty years.   He had four ss. Jabez, Arnold, Albert, Abel; and three ds. Marcia, Tempe, and Harmony.   He afterward m. a Manly; has two ss. Edwin and Willard; and four ds. Polly, Jane, Lucia, and Betsey.   Marcia m. Arza Keith; Jabez m. a Brett.

   Eliphalet m. an Edson; has five ss. Lucius, Matthew, Isaac, Davis, and Eliphalet; and two ds. Adeline and Lucia.

   2.   Henry 2d m. a Kezer; was a Lieutenant in the militia.   He has no children.

   3.   Seth m. a Washburn; has seven ss. Ambrose, Martin, Benjamin, Henry, Abiel, Josiah, and John; and three ds. Mary, Lucy, and Judith.   He afterward m. an Edson; had one s. Elbridge.   Mary m. Bela Keith; Ambrose m. an Edson—he and Henry 4th live at Reading; Martin m. a Packard—lives at Pelham; Benjamin 2d m. a Packard; Abiel m. a Shaw; Josiah m. a Packard.

   4.   Benjamin m. a Shaw; settled at Winchester.


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