Was son of Jonathan Knapp, of Taunton.   He came to live in Bridgewater 1803.   His wife was an Austin; they had two ss. Samuel, and Abijah; and seven ds. Betsey, Abi, Lydia, Polly, Drusilla, Abigail, and Deborah.   Betsey m. a Howard; Abi m. Arza Packard; Lydia m. Ezekiel Meritt; Polly m. Azel Gurney; Samuel died in youth.


Was son of Ezekiel Lincoln of Abington; he m. a Packard; had no children; he adopted his nephew, Gideon Lincoln, son of Ezekiel Lincoln 2d, of Abington.   Gideon m. a Perkins; had four ss. Nehemiah, Reuel, Charles, and Luke; and five ds. Mehitable, Kezia, Patty, Triphene, and Serena.   Mehitable m. a Beals; Kezia m. Bela Curtis; Patty m. Benjamin Gardner; Serena m. a Bisbee; Nehemiah 2d m. a Packard—was a Captain in the militia; Reuel m. a Willis—lives in East Bridgewater; Charles m. a Porter—lives in Easton; Luke m. a White.

   Nehemiah Lincoln died 1818, aged 91.


Was son of Thomas Manly of Easton; his wife was a Manly; they moved into Bridgewater, 1752.   He had two ss. Daniel and Nathaniel; and one d. Olive.   He afterward m. a Monk; had one d. Sally; Olive m. Joseph Hayward; Sally m. George Howard.

   Daniel Manly died 1804, aged 83.

   1.   Daniel 2d married a Howard; has four ss. Sabin, Galen, Salmon, and Linus; and two ds. Susanna and Harriet.   Susanna m. Martin Howard.

   2.   Nathaniel m. a Howard; has one s. Howard, and eight ds. Rebecca, Betsey, Polly, Melinda, Olive, Vesta, Sally and Susanna.   Rebecca m. a Howard; Betsey m. Abel Kingman, Esq.; Polly m. Lieutenant Nathan Packard; Melinda m. Isaac Hartwell; Olive m. a Marshall; Vesta m. Daniel Hayward; Sally m. a Clapp; Susanna m. Jonas Keith; Howard m. a Hayward.


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