Was son of Benjamin Marshall, of Stoughton; m. a Hayward; had three ss. Benjamin, Howard, and Peres; and two ds. Abigail and Hannah.   Abigail m. Waldo Field; Benjamin m. a Howard; Hannah m. Rosseter Jones.


Was son of Captain Daniel Noyes, of Abington—the son of Samuel Noyes, who came from Newbury.   He m. a Dike; was a Lieutenant in the militia in Abington.   He came to live in the North Parish in 1800; had three ss. Daniel, Jacob, and Alva; and two ds. Sarah and Rebecca.   Sarah m. Noah Norton, and afterwards Seth Snow; Rebecca m. Josiah Eames; Daniel graduated at New Haven in 1812; m. a Clark; lives in Boston; Jacob m. an Edson; lives in Abington; Alva m. a Southworth.

   Lieutenant Ephraim Noyes died in 1822, aged 65.

   David, Solomon, John, James, Zaccheus, and Abiel, were sons of Zaccheus, and grandsons of Samuel Packard, who came from Hingham, and was an early settler in Bridgewater.   These brothers were among the first settlers in the North Parish.


M. an Ames; lived where Captain Robert Packard now lives; had five ss. David, William, Ebenezer, Isaac, and Abia; and four ds. Molly, Hannah, Mehitable, and Jane.   Molly m. Daniel Richards; Hannah m. Samuel Brett; Mehitable m. Simeon Brett; Jane m. Matthew Kingman.

   David Packard died 1755, aged 68.

   1.   David 2d m. a Richards; had four ss. Abiezer, David, Abraham, and Ephraim.   Abiezer m. a Holbrook—lives in Stoughton.   David 3d m. a Jackson; was a Captain in the militia; had three ss. David, Abel, and John; and four ds. Charity, Olive, Patty, and Polly.   Charity m. Ephraim Packard; Olive m. Holmes Tillson; Patty m. Barzillai Field; Polly m. a Rice.   David 4th died in youth.   Abel, and John went to the westward.

   Captain David Packard died of the small pox, 1786, aged 44.


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