Abraham m. a Dyer; Ephraim m. a Packard; they both went to the westward.

   David Packard 2d died 1785, aged 73.

   2.   William Packard m. a Richards; had three ss. William, Lemuel, and Sylvanus; and five ds. Amy, Hannah, Sarah, Matilda, and Kezia.   Amy m. Levi French; Hannah m. Philip Reynolds, and afterward, Enos Thayer; Sarah m. Samuel Sturtevant; Matilda m. Capt. Zechariah Gurney; Kezia m. a Pierce.

   William Packard died 1805, aged 90.

   William 2d m. a Reynolds; had three ss. Sihon, Eliphaz and William.   He afterwards m. a Wales; has three ss. Ambrose, Cyrus, and Charles; and four ds. Hannah, Polly, Matilda, and Sarah.   Sihon m. a Scott; has eight ss.   Joseph, Oren, Sihon, Isaac, Washburn, John, Nathaniel, and David; and two ds. Betsey, and Mary.   Eliphaz lives at Milton.   William 3d lives at Stoughton.

   Lemuel m. a Hunt was a Captain and a Justice of the Peace; had eight ss. Lemuel, Micah, John, Arza, David, Sylvanus, Martin, and Isaac; and one d. Sally, who m. Thomas Cary.   Lemuel 2d lived in Boston, and died there 1822, aged 47.   Micah m. a Hartshorn; John m. a Packard; Arza m. a Knapp; David m. a Perkins; Sylvanus 2d, and Martin, live in Boston; Isaac m. a Packard.

   Lemuel Packard, Esq., died 1822, aged 75.

   Sylvanus m. a Masters; had several ds.

   3.   Ebenezer m. a Perkins; had ten ss. Ebenezer, Jonas, Adin, Matthew, Joel, Eliphalet, Robert, Lot, Noah, and Joseph; and two ds. Alice and Eunice.   Alice m. Eliab Packard; Eunice m. William Jamerson.

   Ebenezer Packard died 1803, aged 79.

   Ebenezer 2d m. a Reynolds; had one s. Philip; and two ds. Milly and Mary; he afterward m. a widow Harlow; had one s. Ebenezer; and two ds. Sally, and Content.   Sally m. Matthew Randall; Content m. Benjamin Southworth.

   Jonas m. a Brett; had five ss. John, Jonas, Moses, David, and Joel; and five ds. Eunice, Mehitable, Hannah Lucinda and Sibil.   Eunice m. Josiah Brett; Mehitable m. a Jamerson; Lucinda m. Captain David Ames; John m. a French—he afterward m. a Drake; Jonas 2d lives in State of Maine; Joel is dead.

   Matthew m. a Perkins; had three ss. Nehemiah, Eliphalet, and Matthew; and one d. Kezia.


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