Nehemiah, and Eliphalet m. Snells—they all live in State of Maine.

   Joel m. a Kingman; lives at Fairhaven; is a Justice of Peace.

   Eliphalet was a Deacon; had three wives—a Barrell, a Reed, and a Thayer.   He removed to State of Maine.

   Robert m. a Barrell; was a Captain in the militia; he afterward m. a Perkins; had four ds. Ruth, Huldah, Betsey and Olive.   He m. a Hayward for his third wife; had three ss. Robert, Isaac, and Ebenezer; and four ds. Sally, Silvia, Almira, and Mary.   Ruth m. Martin Southworth; Huldah m. a Capen; Patty m. Theron Ames; Olive m. Newton Shaw.

   Robert 2d m. a Howard.

   Adin m. a Phinney; had one s. Adin; and three ds. Lucy, Susanna, and Sally.   Lucy m. a Wild.   Susanna m. Lieutenant Ephraim Cole.   Sally m. Ensign Isaac Packard.

   Adin 2d m. a Horton; was a Captain of the grenadier company.   He has moved to Merrimac.

   Lot, Noah, and Joseph live in State of Maine.

   4.   Isaac m. a Porter; was a Captain in the militia; had one s. Isaac; and one d. Abigail, who m. the Hon. Daniel Howard, Esq.

   Capt. Isaac Packard died 1792, aged 72.

   Isaac 2d m. an Atwood; had one s. Isaac.   He lives at New-York.

   Isaac Packard 2d died 1778, aged 29.

   5.   Abia m. a Paine; had two ss. Abia and Levi.   He afterwards m. a Howard; had two ss. Silas and Howard; and four ds. Phebe, Eunice, Betsey, and Hannah.   Phebe m. Amzi Brett; Eunice m. a Capen; Betsey m. Isaiah Packard; Hannah m. Zadoc Perkins, and afterwards, William Edson.

   Abia Packard died 1809, aged 74.

   Abia 2d m. a French; has a number of daughters.   Levi m. a Snow; has four ss. Davis, Levi, Heman, and Josiah; and one d. Phebe, who m. Martin Kingman.   Davis m. a Ford; settled at N. Salem.

   Levi 2d graduated at Providence, 1821.   He is a Candidate for the ministry.

   Silas m. a Willis; is a Justice of the Peace; has two ss. Silas and Charles; and two ds. Chloe, and Abigail.   Chloe m. Thomas Wales; Abigail m. David Cobb; Silas 2d lives in Boston; Charles m. a Thompson; Howard m. a Capen; had one s. Howard; and


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