sanna, Sarah, Molly, Betsey, and Anna.   Susanna m. Samuel Sturtevant, and afterwards Lieutenant John Bicknell.   Sarah m. Ephraim Packard.   Molly m. Lieutenant Samuel Brett.   Betsey m. Deacon James Perkins.   Anna m. Seth Snow.   Captain Josiah Packard died 1793, aged 70.

   Josiah 2d m. a Perkins, had two ss. Luke and Abiel; and two ds. Sally, and Rebecca.   Sally m. Caleb Packard.   Rebecca m. Benjamin Kingman.—Luke m. a Battles, was a Captain in the militia.   Abiel 3d m. a Harris, and lives in West Bridgewater.

   Abiel 2d, and Edward, live in Hebron, Maine.   Shepherd lives single.   Ames m. a Joy, had two ss. William, and Charles; and four ds. Nancy, Susan, Betsey, and Bathsheba.   William m. a Norton.

   3.   Joshua m. an Alden, had four ss. Caleb, Joshua, Ralph, and Lebbeus; and one d. Mehitable.   They all moved to the State of Maine.

   4.   Thomas m. a Howard, had five ss. Parmenas, Thomas, Cyrus, Daniel, and Elijah; and three ds. Silence, Molly, and Zibia.   Silence m. Daniel Howard.   Molly m. John Robinson.   Zibia m. Jacob Packard.   Parmenas m. a Reynolds, was a Captain, had seven ss. Ambrose, Parmenas, Galen, Apollos, Roland, Gideon, and Royal; and two ds. Susanna, and Silence.   Susanna m. a Thayer.   Silence m. Captain John Packard.   Ambrose m. a White.   Galen m. a Horton.   Apollos m. a Brett.   Roland m. a Dyer.

   Thomas 2d m. an Edson, had two ss. Azor, and Austin.   Azor m. a Howard.   Austin graduated at Providence 1821, is studying law.

   Thomas Packard 2d died 1818, aged 55.

   Cyrus m. a Kingman.   Daniel m. a Keith.   Elijah m. a Packard.   The two last moved to Pelham.

   5.   Timothy m. an Alden, had six ss. Bethuel, Calvin, Luther, Perez, Timothy, and Edson; and one d. Sarah, who m. Elisha Eames.   Bethuel settled in the State of Maine.   Calvin settled at Easton.   The other four went to the westward.

   Timothy Packard died 1780, aged 48.

   6.   Daniel m. a Perkins, and moved to the westward.

   7.   Eliab m. a Packard, and went to the westward.

   8.   Benjamin m. a Phinney, left no children; he gave his property to Captain Adin Packard.

   Benjamin Packard died 1808, aged 59.


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