Was son of Israel, and grandson of Zaccheus, the son of Samuel Packard, before mentioned.   He m. a Bryant, had four ss  Isaac, Seth, Abner, and Jonathan; and seven ds. Sarah, Lucy, Mercy, Mehitable, Mary, Jerusha, and Abigail.   Sarah m. Samuel Cole.   Lucy m. Ebenezer Edson.   Mercy m. Thomas West.   Mehitable m. Barnabas Howard, Esq.   Mary m. Simeon Alden.   Jerusha and Abigail m. two brothers at Dorchester by the name of Leeds.

   1.   Isaac settled at Petersham.

   2.   Seth m. a Leach, and lived at Roxbury.

   3.   Abner settled at Conway, N. H.

   4.   Jonathan m. an Alger, had seven ss. Israel, Reuel, Otha, Alpheus, Asa, Isaac, and Alba; and one d. Betsey who m. a Watson.   Israel m. an Edson, has seven ss. Josiah, Melvin, Sidney, Liberty, Israel, Alpheus and Henry; and two ds. Arvilla and Susanna.

   Reuel, and Alba live in Randolph.   Otha lives in N. H.   Asa lives in West Bridgewater.   Isaac lives in Middleborough.   Alpheus died in youth.   Seth Packard died 1788, aged 82.


Was son of Zechariah Packard, of West Bridgewater, a descendant of Samuel Packard, before mentioned; he m. a Jackson, was a Captain, had seven ss. Oliver, Elijah, Nathan, Ransom, Perez, Sullivan, and Jonas; and five ds. Sarah, Abigail, Lydia, Olive, and Roxana.   Sarah m. a Lathrop.   Abigail m. Jonas Howard.   Lydia m. a Clapp.   Olive m. Samuel Dickerman.   Roxana m. a Randall.

   Captain Nathan Packard died 1798, aged 65.

   Oliver m. a Dunbar; Ransom m. a Thatcher: they live in the State of New-York.   Elijah m. a Beals, and lives in West Bridgewater.   Nathan m. a Manly; was a Lieutenant.   Perez m. a Reynolds.   Sullivan m. a Jackson.


Was son of Nathan Perry, of Norton.   He m. a Clapp; is a Physician;—has one s. William; and two ds. Julia, and Sophia.


Came from Ipswich, 1741; his wife was a Whipple; had four ss. Josiah, Jonathan, Isaac, and Jesse; and five ds. Dorothy, Sa-


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