Captain William French; Kezia m. Matthew Packard; Susanna m. Simeon Brett; Patty m. Gideon Lincoln; Phebe m. Asaph Howard, Esq.; James m. a Packard; lives in Minot, Maine; Luke m. a Snell; lives in Winthrop, Maine.

   Ensign Luke Perkins died in 1776, aged 51.


Was son of Samuel Porter, of Abington.   He graduated at Cambridge in 1736; was ordained over the 4th church of Christ, in Bridgewater, October 15th, 1740.   He m. Olive Johnson, of Canterbury, Conn.   She had one d. and died soon after, in the 23d year of her age; her daughter survived her but a few years.   He m. Mary Huntington, of Lebanon, Conn.; had five ss. John, Huntington, David, Jonnathan, and Eliphalet; and three ds. Olive, Polly, and Sibil.   Olive m. John Crafts; Polly m. Rev. Thomas Crafts.   Sibil went to his sister at Princeton, and died there.

   1.   John graduated at Yale College in 1770.   He studied divinity and preached awhile.   When the war broke out between Britain and America, in 1775, he took a Captain's commission, and went into the army.   He made a good officer, and was promoted to the rank of Major.   He left the army a short time before the peace, went to the West-Indies, and died there.

   David, who was a twin to Jonathan, when about ten years old, got into a chaise; the horse ran, threw him out, broke one of his legs, it was taken off, and he lived but a short time.

   Huntington, Jonathan, and Eliphalet, graduated at Cambridge in 1777.   Huntington is settled at Rye, N. H.   Jonathan studied physic, went aboard a Privateer as surgeon, and has not been heard of since.   Eliphalet is settled in the ministry at Roxbury.

   Rev. John Porter died March 12th, 1802, in the 87th year of his age, and 62d of his ministry*.


Was an early settler in the North Parish; had five ss. Barnabas, John, Thomas, Consider, and Jesse; and two ds. Margery, and Priscilla.   Margery m. a Tribou; Priscilla m. a Smith; Barnabas m. a Downie; had two ss. Thaddeus, and Barnabas; and four ds.
   * Mr. Porter married 481 couple; baptized 1359, admitted into the church 464; attended funerals, 705.


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