Cyrus; and one d. Polly—she died in youth.   Alvin m. a Bryant; Matthew m. a Southworth; Cyrus m. a Shaw; Nathaniel lives single; Shepard m. a Thayer.


Was brother to Charles Snell.   He graduated at Cambridge in 1735; m. a Williams; had two ss. Joseph, and Gilbert; and two ds. Molly, and Olive.   Olive m. an Alger.

   Joseph Snell died 1791, aged 78.

   Joseph 2d m. a widow Cook; had four ss. Alfred, Joseph, George, and John; and four ds. Ann, Abigail, Hannah, and Azuba.   Gilbert lives single; Alfred m. Mary Ann Rowley; Joseph 3d m. Jane Caldor.


Was son of Eleazer Snow of West Bridgewater, a descendant of William Snow, one of the first settlers in the town.   He m. a Wood; was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War; had three s. Eleazer, Jonathan, and Silas; and seven ds. Mary, Priscilla, Betsey, Sarah, Zevina, and Phebe.   Mary, Priscilla, and Zevina m. Snows; Sarah m. a Merritt; Mercy m. a Wilmoth; Phebe m. a Crafts.

   Lieutenant Eleazer Snow died in 1797, aged 64.

   1.   Eleazer 2d m. a Dunbar; settled in State of New York.

   2.   Jonathan m. a Snow; is a Justice of the Peace; has four ss. Jonathan, Sprague, Martin, and Thomas; and four ds. Huldah, Susanna, Sabrina, and Relief.   Huldah m. a Willis; Susanna m. a Hixon; Sabrina m. a Selee; Jonathan 2d m. a Bryant; Sprague m. a Kingman; Martin m. a Wilbur.

   3.   Silas m. a Cole.

   Constant, Edward, Lemuel, and Benjamin Southworth, were sons of Edward Southworth, of Middleborough, who was a descendant of Constant Southworth, one of the proprietors of Bridgewater, and one of the agents who purchased the soil of the natives.   These four brothers were early settlers in the North Parish.


M. a Keith; was an Ensign in the militia; had four ss. Nathaniel, Ezekiel, Jedediah, and Constant; and two ds. Betsey, and Sarah.   Betsey m. Joseph Cole; Sarah died single.


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