Ensign Constant Southworth died in 1775, aged 64.

   1.   Nathaniel m. a Howard; had three ss. Simeon, Nathaniel, and David; and one d. Patty.   He afterwards m. a Brett; had one d. Kata.   Patty died in youth; Kata m. Ambrose Keith; Simeon settled at Ward; Nathaniel 2d m. a Shaw; settled at Lime, N. H.; David died in youth.

   2.   Ezekiel m. a Newman; went to the westward.

   3.   Jedediah m. an Atherton; settled at Stoughton.

   4.   Constant 2d died in youth.


M. a Packard; had three ss. Uriah, Perez, and Abia; and five ds. Desire, Bridget, Lydia, Avis, and Fear.   They all moved to Pelham, except Perez.

   Perez m. a Kingman; has five ss. John, Edward, Martin, Benjamin, and Perez; and six ds. Harmony, Hannah, Eunice, Polly, Sophronia, and Lucy.   Harmony m. Deacon Seth Alden; Hannah m. John Ames; Eunice m. Daniel Alden; Sophronia m. Alva Noyes; Lucy m. Ornan Cole; John m. a Howard—settled at New-Bedlord; Edward m. a Howard; was a Colonel in the militia; Martin m. a Packard; Benjamin m. a Packard—lives in Winthrop, Maine; Perez m. a Leach.


M. a West; had one d. Mehitable; who m. John Gurney.


M. a Smith; they had no children.


   Was son of Cornelius Sturtevant, of Plympton; m. a Sampson; had two ss. Ephraim, and Silas; and two ds. Molly, and Elizabeth.   Elizabeth m. Lewis Johnson; Ephraim m. a Howard.   Had one d. Lucy, who m. Oliver Howard.

   Silas Sturtevant died in 1814, age 84.


Was son of Nathaniel Snow, of Orleans, on the Cape.   He came to live in the North Parish in 1783.   M. a Packard; had two ss. Josiah, and Nathaniel; and four ds. Sally, Acsah, Hannah, and Mary.   Hannah died in 1815, aged 13.   Sally died in 1816, aged


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