20.   Mrs. Snow died in July, 1820, aged 52.   Acsah died at Orleans in August, 1820, aged 20.   Josiah died in October, 1820, aged 16.

   Seth Snow afterward m. a Widow Norton.


   He, and his wife, and son Robert, came to America in 1724.   He lived awhile in Abington, and in South Bridgewater, where most of his children were born.   He afterward moved into the North Parish.   He had five ss. Robert, Thomas, Archibald, James, and John; and three ds. Jane, Betsey, and Anna.   Jane m. a Gamiel; Betsey m. a Strobridge; Ann m. a Fulton.

   Archicald [sic] Thompson died in 1776, aged 85.*

   1.   Robert m. a Smith; moved to Londonderry.

   2.   Thomas m. a Strobridge; had four ss. John, Thomas, William, and James; and three ds. Mary, Anna, and Elizabeth.   Mary m. Cary Hayward; Anna m. a Buxton; Elizabeth m. John Pettengill.   John m. an Allen; was a Captain; moved to the State of Maine.   Thomas 2d m. a Kingman; was a Captain in the militia; has one s. John; and four ds. Charlotte, Sophronia, Jane, and Martha.   Charlotte m. Charles Packard; John m. a Jones; William settled in the State of Maine; James 2d m. a Cheesman; had one s. Thomas; and two ds. Betsey, and Olive.   Olive m. John Field.

   Thomas Thompson died in 1810, aged 81.

   3.   Archibald 2d. m. a Robinson; settled in Nova-Scotia.

   4.   James graduated at New-Jersey College in 1761.   He preached awhile afterward; was a Preceptor of an Academy in Charleston, S. C.

   5.   John died young.


   Was son of Deacon David Torrey, of Abington, son of David Torrey, of Weymouth.   He m. a Snell; had two ds. Almeda, and Sally.
   * Archibald Thompson made the first spinning foot-wheel in New-England.   The most of his posterity follow the same occupation.


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