Was son of Jacob, and grandson of Thomas Tyrrel, of Abington; m. a Trask; had three ss. Jacob, Lemuel, and Zibeon; and four ds. Abigail, Susanna, Mehitable, and Polly.   Abigail m. Lewis Hayden; Susanna m. Thomas Nightingale; Jacob lives in East Bridgewater.


Was son of Richard Thayer, of West Bridgewater.   He m. a Prey; had three ss. Enos, Micah, and Seth; and three ds. Hannah, Susanna, and Mary.   Hannah m. Daniel Cary; Mary m. Silas Howard.

   Seth Thayer died in 1798, aged 72.

   Enos m. a widow Reynolds; had no children.   Micah died in youth.   Seth 2d m. a Thayer; had eight ss. Enos, Micah, Seth, Eliphalet, Zechariah, Zebah, Samuel, and Charles; and one d. Hannah, who m. Thomas Dunbar.   Enos 2d m. a Damon; Micah, and Seth, live at Springfield; Eliphalet m. a Stone; Zechariah lives in the State of Maine; Zebah m. a Stone.


Was son of John Tilden of Canton; m. a Howard; has two ss. John, and Howard; and four ds. Polly, Susanna, Abigail, and Lavina.   Polly m. Caleb Howard; John m. a Reynolds.


M. an Orcutt; had three ss. Ebenezer, Ezra, and Joshua; and three ds. Hannah, Mary, and Sarah.   His daughters never married.

   1.   Ebenezer m. a Nightingale; had two ss. Ebenezer, and Joshua; and six ds. Mary, Jane, Susanna, Sarah, Jemima, and Lydia.   Mary m. Ebenezer Edson; Jane m. a Wentworth; Susanna m. Seth Harris; Sarah m. a Billings; Jemima m. a Whiting.

   Ebenezer 2d m. a Warren; had six ss. Simeon, Ebenezer, Cyrus, Galen, Abiah, and Seth; and three ds. Cynthia, Eunice, and Asuba.

   Joshua 3d lives at Lime, New-Hampshire.

   2.   Ezra m. a Phillips; had three ds. Hannah, Eunice, and Mary.   He afterwards m. a Packard; had four ss. Ezra, Philip,


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