May.   Sally m. Sidney Howard.   Samuel 2nd, John, and Hovenden, died in youth.   Charles m. a Howard.

   2.   Nathaniel 2d m. a Tucker, had four ss. Nathaniel, James, Isaac, and Darius; and two ds. Betsey, and Myra.   Nathaniel 3d m. a Brown.   Darius m. a Howard.   James m. a Cary.


Was son of Samuel Porter 2d of Abington.   He m. a Burrill, had five ss. Joseph, Robert, Isaac, Lebbeus, and Cyrus: and four ds. Eiizabeth [sic], Hannah, Content, and Mehitable.   Elizabeth m. Samuel Linfield.   Hannah m. Jonathan Battles.   Content m. William Glover.   Mehitable m. Daniel Brown.

   Joseph Porter died 1804, aged 74.

   1.   Joseph 2d m. a Capen, has no children.

   2.   Robert m. a Gay; was a Captain in the militia, had three ss. Robert, John, and Joseph; and three ds. Betsey, Sally, and Fanny.   Robert 2d m. a Capen.

   3.   Isaac m. a Packard, had five ss. Rodolphus, Samuel, Reuben, Martin,and Galen; and three ds. Susanna, Sybil, and Anna.   Susanna m. a Thomson.   Sybil m. a Noyes.

   4.   Lebbeus settled at Wrenham.

   5.   Cyrus m. a French, was a Major in the militia, had three ss. Ahira, Cyrus, and Luther; and four ds. Olive, Rebecca, Mehitable, and Eliza Ann.   Olive m. Caleb Copeland.


Came from Plymouth, m. a Curtis, had seven ss. John, Jonathan, Samuel, Asa, Uriah, Edward and Curtis; and three d.s Hannah, Rebecca, and Susanna.   Hannah m. a Jordan.   Rebecca m. a Billings.   Susanna m. a Lord.

   1.   John died in youth.

   2.   Jonathan m. a Porter, and settled in Stoughton.

   3.   Samuel settled in North Bridgewater, m. a Dyer, had five ss. David, Samuel, Jason, Nahum, and Anson; and four d.s Sybil, Lucinda, Dorothy, and Mary.   Sybil m. a Fobes.   Lucinda m. Captain Luke Packard.   Dorothy m. Ansel Perkins.   David m. an Adams.   Samuel died in youth.   Jason lives in Boston.

   4.   Asa settled in North Bridgewater, m. a Pratt, had three ss. Ara, John, and William; and six ds. Polly, Betsey, Susanna, Mille, Isabella, and Hannah.   Polly m. a Cleaveland,   Betsey m. a Branch.   Susanna m. a Reynolds.   Isabella m. a Miller.   Ara m. a Cheesman.   John m. a Porter.

   6. and 7.   Edward and Curtis live in Vermont.


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