The two following families lived in a corner of Abington, which was included in the incorporation of the North Parish.


Came from Middlebrough, m. an Alden, had five ss. Seth, Abiel, Oliver, John, and Samuel; and two ds. Rebecca and Abiah.   He afterwards m. a widow Phillips, had one d. Hannah.   Rebecca m. Richard Field.   Abiah died in youth.   Hannah m. Dependance French.

   Seth Harris died in 1797, aged 78.

   1.   Seth m. a Warren, had two ss. Seth, and Martin; and four ds. Susanna, Olive, Rhoda, and Abiah.   Seth 3d and Martin live in the State of Maine.

   2.   Abiel m. a Snell, had three ss. Reuel, Abiel, and Nathaniel; and four ds. Susanna, Mehitable, Patty, and Abiah.   Susanna m. a Southworth, and afterward Matthew Snell.   Mehitable m. Samuel Packard.   Patty m. Dan Packard.   Abiah m. a Loud.   Reuel lives in Braintree.   Abiel 2d m. a Reynolds, had no children.   Abiel Harris, and his son Nathaniel, moved to Jay, Maine.

   3.   Oliver m. a Leach, and lives at Stoughton.

   4.   John m. an Edson, had six ss. Samuel, John, Isaac, Sidney, Austin, and Madison; and four ds. Sybil, Abigail, Mahala, and Thirza.   Sybil m. Gideon Howard.   Abigail m. Abiel Packard.   Mahala m. Silas Reed.   Thirza m. a Reed.   Samuel 2d m. a Howard.   John m. a Snell.

   5.   Samuel died in youth.


Was son of Samuel Alden of Titicut, who was a descendant of John Alden, one of the first settlers in Bridgewater.   He m. a Williams, had seven ss. Daniel, Silas, Joseph, Samuel, Williams, Seth, and Hosea; and one d. Hannah, who m. James Cary.

   Samuel Alden died in 1816, aged 81.

   1.   Daniel m. a Cary, had three ss. Otis, Daniel, and Alpheus; and one d. Sally, who m. a Burr.   Otis m. an Adams.   Daniel 2d m. a Southworth; he and Alpheus live in Randolph.

   2. and 3.   Silas and Joseph live in Jay, State of Maine.

   4.   Samuel 2d m. a Ford, has one s. Sanford; and three ds. Mehitable, Hannah, and Sally.

   5.   Williams m. a Linfield, has three ds. Mary, Lavina, and Clarissa.

   6.   Seth m. a Southworth, and lives in Stoughton.

   7.   Hosea m. an Edson.


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