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Moses Cary
A Genealogy of the Families Who Have Settled in the
North Parish of Bridgewater ...

The Online Edition


   Moses Cary, A Genealogy of the Families Who Have Settled in the North Parish of Bridgewater, To Which is Added an Historical Sketch of North Bridgewater (Boston: Printed by Bannister and Marvin, 1824; repr. Wakefield MA: 1903).

   This little book of 48 pages was published three years after North Bridgewater became a town.  It is an interesting introduction to the early families and history of Brockton.  The transcription is from an original copy of the 1903 facsimile reprint.  On the reverse title page the author described how he arranged his work:

   The method pursued, is to name the first of the family—where he came from—whom he married—what office he held, if any—when he died, and at what age—

   Then to name his sons and daughters, mention whom the daughters married, and proceed in the male line, down to the present generation.

   Many of the families had other children, but they died young, and are not known.

   If families have removed, I mention the places to which they have removed, and leave them.

   Note.—The letter m. stands for married; ss. for sons; ds. for daughters.

   This transcription was begun by the late C. J. McNew, and has been completed by the current webmaster.  The printer used a number of type faces in the book, and for the most part I have not tried to emulate them as I know not what fonts may reside on your computer.  I have tried to be faithful to the original text, retaining all errors or oddities in spelling and punctuation as found in the original.  Some typos have been noted by appending [sic] to them.  I have not tried to preserve the original line breaks, and have added some white space to make the text easier to read.  I have added links to images of the pages as a check against transcription errors, except for the last three pages (the prospectus for the facsimile reprint), which are represented solely by images.



Title Page
Reverse Title Page
1903 Facsimile Prospectus


Index of Families

Cary did not index individual names, but organized his work by families, as follows.

A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z



Samuel Alden   Benjamin Ames   Daniel Ames   See also Josiah Eames



John Battles   Jeremiah Beals   Samuel Brett   Simeon Brett   David Brown   Ichabod Bryant



Jonathan Cary   Simeon Cary   Zachariah Cary   Samuel Cheesman   Joseph Cole   John Staples Crafts   Perez Crocker   Moses Curtis



Manasseh Dickerman   Samuel Dike   Walter Downie   Elisha Dunbar



Josiah Eames   Benjamin Edson   David Edson   James Edson



Jabez Field   David Ford   Mark Ford   Dependance French   Levi French   Isaac Fuller



Zechariah Gurney



Seth Harris   Josiah Hayden   Joseph Hayward   Nathan Hayward   Thomas Henry   Asa Howard   Caleb Howard   Daniel Howard   Robert Howard



Ephraim Jackson   Asa Jones



Timothy Keith   Henry Kingman   Abijah Knapp



Simeon Leach   Nehemiah Lincoln   Nathaniel Littlefield



Daniel Manly   Howard Marshall   Robert Morrison



Ephraim Noyes



Abiel Packard   David Packard   James Packard   John Packard   Nathan Packard   Seth Packard   Solomon Packard   Zaccheus Packard   Luke Perkins   Mark Perkins   Nathan Perry   Rev. John Porter   Joseph Porter   John Pratt



Nathaniel Reynolds   Thomas Reynolds



William Shaw   John Smith   Charles Snell   Joseph Snell   Zechariah Snell   Eleazer Snow   Seth Snow   Benjamin Southworth   Constant Southworth   Edward Southworth   Lemuel Southworth   Silas Sturtevant   Joseph Sylvester



Seth Thayer   Archibald Thompson   John Tilden   Turner Torrey   Lemuel Tyrrel



Waldo Daughters   Thomas Wales   John Wales   Joshua Warren   Eliab Whitman   Ephraim Willis   Alexander Wilson


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