[Mayflower Descendant, 24 [1922]:117]

  Duxbury Gravestone Records 117

     The first of these three statements was from the town records.*   The second, as indicated by the reference "G. R. 5.", professed to be from the stone which has since disappeared.   The third was from William Paulding's family bible, owned by his daughter, Mrs. George B. Bates of Duxbury.

     As we could not find this gravestone, Miss Dawes motored me to the residence of Mrs. Bates, who was much surprised to learn that the gravestone of her brother, who died in infancy, had disappeared.   She had seen this stone many times, and said that the date and age on it had agreed with the record in her father's bible.   With her permission I brought the bible to Boston, and, in order to prevent the possible loss of the records in it, have had them copied by the photostat process.   This bible was printed at Brattleboro, Vt., in 1833, and the earlier entries were made by William Paulding, father of Mrs. Emma Cushing (Paulding) Bates.

     For convenient reference, the entries on the first of the family record pages are here printed.   This page has columns for "Births" and "Deaths", but [born], or [died], will be inserted before the dates found in those spaces.   In other respects the following transcripts are literal copies of the original entries.

William Paulding [born] January 12 1807 [died] 1896
Mary Southworth [born] January 25 1807 [died] Oct. 1873
William Paulding Was Maried to Mary Southworth November 23 1828
Elisabeth Thomas [born] tuesday october 6 1829 [died] July 8 1830
William James [born] friday June 10 1831 [died] January 7 1865
Mary Elisabeth [born] tuesday September 3 1833 [died] July 9 1838
Hiram Thomas [born] friday August 5 1836 [died] May 14 1837
Sarah Southworth Pau [born] tuesday April 23 1839
Mary Elen [born] friday jan 29 1841 [died] Febru 19 1842
Emma Cushing [born] thur Sept 7th 1843

[Another child was recorded on the third page]
Julian Ellmer P [born] tuesday March 18 1851

     * From Ichabod Alden's 1851 copy.
     † There was not room to finish the surname.
‡ Mrs. Emma Cushing (Paulding) Bates.


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